To the world by train

The train delivers you smoothly to the airport – with one ticket, comfortably, regardless of where in Finland your journey begins. Now you can reach the world by train more easily than ever before.

It’s easy to change from the long-distance train to the airport train in either Tikkurila or Pasila. At Helsinki Airport Railway Station there is direct indoor access to both the airport’s terminals.

The train provides a fast and comfortable beginning to your journey. Instead of concentrating on driving your car, you can read a newspaper or treat yourself in the restaurant car.

Here's how:

  1. When buying a long-distance train ticket, select Helsinki Airport as your destination, and you can travel all the way with one ticket with no additional charge.
  2. Change trains to a commuter train in Pasila, Tikkurila, or Helsinki within 80 minutes of the arrival of the long-distance train to the transfer station.


​​You can also find more information about train connections to the airport here.

The example prices are Saver tickets which have limited availability. Train-specific journey times vary.

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From the Ring Rail Line to the world!

The Ring Rail Line links long-distance rail travel with air travel, and provides a smooth connection to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from all parts of Finland. The journey is made easy by simple train connections at Tikkurila and Pasila.

Read more about the Ring Rail Line

Train tickets to the Airport

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