Track work

Track work


The timetables for trains and buses during all service alterations due to track work can be found in the Timetable search and the search in the Online Shop. Train tickets purchased in advance are valid on the replacement bus services in accordance with the timetable on the tickets.


Below is a list of routes on which rail traffic will be affected by track work:

Changes in train stops at Pasila station starting on Monday 14 March

The construction work at Pasila station continues. For this reason, the trains will stop north of their current locations at platforms 1, 2, 8 and 9.

Starting 14 March, the trains will stop on average 50 metres more north than currently at platforms 1, 2, 8 and 9. The change will particularly affect passengers changing trains between the coast track (Rantarata) and the main line when the transfer distance increases.

The pedestrian tunnel beneath the station below the tracks will also no longer be in service as of 9 March at platforms 8 and 9.

These changes are connected with the Tripla construction work at the Central Pasila centre and will apply until autumn 2019.



Track work: Saturdays 12.11., 19.11., 3.12. and 10.12.2016

Due to track work, all daytime trains between Kokkola and Oulu will be replaced by buses. Substitute buses depart from the railway station.

The Matkahuolto TrainBuses to Joensuu and Ruka will depart from Oulu bus station.

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