Track work

Track work


Finland’s railway network comprises 6,000 kilometres of railways – an amazing distance. For trains to run smoothly and on time, the tracks must be replaced and improved from time to time. In spite of track work, we will always take you all the way to your destination. Wherever possible track work is arranged outside peak travel times.
This page contains information about track work in the near future, how it will affect rail traffic as well as the information on transport substituting the trains.

You will find the train and bus timetables during the exceptional arrangements due to track work either in the timetable search or the search in the Online Shop. Train tickets bought in advance are valid for the replacement buses according to the timetable on the ticket.


Below is a list of routes on which rail traffic will be affected by track work:



28 October: On Saturday 28 October, all day trains will be replaced by buses. In addition, the IC 273 departing on Friday evening and the IC 266 departing on Saturday have been cancelled on the entire route. Night trains will not be replaced. Buses will also replace trains on Saturday 4 November.

11 November: On Saturday, all day trains with the exception of IC 29 will be replaced by buses. Night trains will run according to the normal timetable. Buses will also replace trains on the following Saturdays: 18 November and 2 December.



4 November – 5 November: From Saturday the 4th to Sunday the 5th of November all trains will be replaced by buses between Joensuu and Nurmes.

Replacement bus timetables

You will find the timetables directly in the timetable search and in the search of the Online Shop.

Please note that

There is only limited space for luggage on the replacement services.

Bicycles cannot be transported on the replacement services.

The seat belts in buses are not necessarily suitable for attaching infant car seats.

The replacement services are not wheelchair accessible.

Pets can be transported on buses, if there is space and no allergic passengers.

Service alterations in commuter traffic

You can check the modified timetables in commuter traffic here.

Timetable search

You can search for all domestic timetables by selecting the departure and destination stations and the validity of the timetable. 

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