New 1st and 2nd class sleeping cars meeting the highest standards have been put into service on the Tolstoi overnight express between Helsinki and Moscow. The train also has a comfortable business class. The train also has a new restaurant car but the atmosphere on board remains unchanged.

Onboard services

Basic services

  • four person sleeping compartments in 2nd class
  • two person sleeping compartments in 1st class
  • charged WiFi
  • in-seat power outlets
  • restaurant car

Services for different passenger categories

  • in a compartment for disabled passengers 1 lower and 1 upper berth
  • space for wheelchair, plug
  • a spacious wc for disabled passengers

Business class services

  • business class sleeping compartments
  • WC and shower in each compartment
  • air-conditioning and temperature control as per compartment
  • in-seat power outlets
  • the coach has a bar

Tolstoi-junan ravintolavaunu


Restaurant services

Tolstoi overnight express now also has new Russian-made restaurant cars. The kitchen is located in the middle of the car and the bar and the dining space are located on both sides of the kitchen.

Even though the new restaurant car is more modern than its predecessor, the special atmosphere has been preserved. The car is decorated in Russian style and, as on the old restaurant car, you can enjoy food prepared on board 'à la Russe' and served on china.

  • Personal service
  • Service to table
  • Payment with euros or roubles
  • Payment by card in Russia


Passenger car album



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Tax-free refunds onboard trains

Passengers entitled to tax-free refunds can cash in Planet Tax Free and Global Blue tax-free forms on all Allegro and Tolstoi trains. Global Blue’s refunds are paid in cash before Kouvola railway station onboard trains departing for Russia. Planet Tax Free’s refunds are paid in cash before Vainikkala railway station (except on train AE 786 before Kouvola station). Have your tax free forms, sealed purchases and passport ready. Read more from the Global Blue leaflet (in English and Russian)

For additional information on tax-free refunds, go to the websites of the service operators: and

Please not that there are no Planet Tax Free services on train AE 782 on Sundays.

Currency exchange and tax-free refunds

You can exchange currency onboard the train. When travelling to Russia you can purchase rubles easily while sitting in your seat and on the return trip you can exchange your rubles to euros. Currency exchangers change currency onboard while the train is on the Finnish rail network (onboard train AE 786 only before Kouvola station). You can only exchange cash with a Finnish Debit card.

Currency exchange services are provided by Planet Tax Free. Exchange rates of the company are very competitive in comparison to other companies in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Please note that there are no Planet Tax Free services in train AE 782 on Sundays.