To Russia

The train offers business travellers an easy way to travel east. Choose from three daily services the best alternative to suit your meeting schedule and make good use of the time onboard by working in functional wagons or by resting.

The journey onboard is fast and flexible. Customs and border formalities are operated on the running train. All trains to Russia have a pleasant restaurant with high-quality service.


Allegro brings St. Petersburg closer

The high-speed Allegro train is spacious and the interior is timelessly classy and it has a wide variety of onboard services. Business travellers can make good use of the travel time by working. The train features a six person group compartment, adjacent seats for four persons with a table and a power socket at each seat.

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First class service

In the restaurant car you can enjoy the culinary delights of Finnish and Russian cuisine. The meals are served to the table and the bar is a great place to stop by for a coffee break. A snack served at your seat is included in the fare for First Class passenger.


The Russian night train Tolstoi departs from Helsinki in the evening and arrives in Moscow in the morning. Tolstoi departs from Moscow to Helsinki in the evening and arrives in Helsinki before noon. New 1st and 2nd class sleeping cars have been put into service on the Tolstoi overnight express. The train also has a comfortable business class.

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