Tikkurila Travel Centre 

The new, state-of-the-art Tikkurila Travel Centre Dixi offers travel convenience and full accessibility. In Dixi, passengers can quickly connect from one mode of transportation to another or avail themselves of its commercial premises. Tikkurila also offers a convenient bus connection to the airport until completion of the Ring Rail Line.
The new Tikkurila Travel Centre will make travelling by public transport easy. All main-line long-distance trains, Russian trains and local trains stop at Tikkurila.  If necessary, passengers can easily make connections by bus, as the bus terminal is part of the Travel Centre. 
The Travel Centre offers passengers a pleasant environment for doing business and shopping. The station bridge will serve as a waiting area. The station level, which is on the third floor of the Travel Centre, will house a supermarket, numerous small businesses as well as restaurants and cafés.
The grand opening of the Travel Centre will be on 15 January 2015, at which time all the Centre's businesses will have opened their doors in the new facility. 

New Tikkurila ticket sales facility



VR's Tikkurila ticket sales operates out of its new Travel Centre facility. Ticket sales is located on the street level near Platform 1, where access to trains is fast and easy. 
Ticket sales: Ticket sales hours: 

Mon-Fri 8.30-17.00
Sat 10.00-17.00
Sun closed

Accessibility has been taken into consideration in the design of the ticket sales facility:
  • Full access to Ticket sales from the platforms and city
  • Accessible service counter for passengers in wheelchairs
  • Each service counter equipped with an audio induction loop for hearing-impaired passengers
  • Access to trains from the station bridge by lifts or escalators
  • Access to the station bridge by lift, which is located right next to Ticket sales
  • Assistance service available. Reservations must be made no later than 48 hours before departure. Contact VR Customer Care at tel. 0600 41 902 (1.99 €/call + local network charge)
Parking: Train passengers can also arrive at the station by car. 
  • The park & ride parking spaces near the station will remain the same.
  • Ample parking in the Travel Centre parking garage (fee-based)
  • Dedicated bicycle parking near the station
Travel Centre services
VRTicket sales
Open:  Mon-Fri 8.30-17.00
Sat 10.00-17.00
Sun closed
Ticket vending machines 3 on the station bridge and 1 next to Ticket sales
Accessibility Ticket sales on the street level; access to platforms by lift from the station bridge
Location of the service point Located outside next to Ticket sales (covered)
Restaurant services
from 15.1.2015 
Avecra: Robert's Coffee and 2 Stop@Station kiosks as well as several other restaurants
Other services Supermarket and numerous other businesses
Trains to the airport, departing every 10 to 30 minutes
Other bus connections
Taxis from in front of Hotelli Vantaa


Avecra restaurant services

Located adjacent to Ticket sales are two Avecra restaurants, Robert’s Coffee and Stop@Station. A second Stop@Station 

Connections from Tikkurila to Helsinki Airport

Tikkurila Travel Centre


Tikkurila offers an excellent connection to Helsinki Airport from trains arriving from all over Finland. Until completion of the Ring Rail Line, bus 61 will serve passengers every 10–15 minutes. 
Train passengers may purchase a ticket directly to the airport, such as on the VR Online Shop, by selecting Helsinki Airport as the destination. The ticket automatically includes the bus connection from Tikkurila to the airport.

Second phase of the Travel Centre ready to begin

The first phase of the Travel Centre is nearing completion, with construction for the second phase set to begin at the beginning of the year. During the second phase, the old station building will be demolished. Second phase construction on the Travel Centre will affect passenger routes through the station.
Construction of the Tikkurila station bridge is part of The Finnish Transport Agency's Ring Rail Line project. Other station construction projects are being handled by the City of Vantaa. YIT is the Travel Centre developer. 
Slated to open for service in July 2015, the Ring Rail Line will form a key mainline connection from Vantaankoski station to Tikkurila via Helsinki Airport. The line will be 18 kilometres long and five new stations will be built for it. The line will be served by Sm5 low-floor trains (I and P trains).
Additional information on the Ring Rail Line (LiVi)


Construction of second phase of Dixi begins

YIT is launching the second phase of the construction of the Dixi office and 
shopping complex. The expansion comprises about 4,000 square metres of business space and 8,000 square metres of office space.
The business premises will be located on three floors in connection with Dixi's southern main entrance, and the office space will be in two separate office towers above the business premises. The second phase of Dixi will be completed in the spring of 2017.
Adding to the appeal of Tikkurila will be the Ring Rail Line, which will be completed in July, making Tikkurila Station the second-busiest railway station in Finland. It is estimated that up to 15 million people a year will pass through it.

Ring Line

The Ring Line comprises the new public transport connection from Vantaankoski Station via Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Tikkurila.
Tikkurila will become not only a busier commuter rail station but also a significant transfer point for long-distance transport passengers travelling to the airport. It is possible to reach Helsinki-Vantaa Airport  from Tikkurila along the Ring Line in eight minutes.

It is expected that the total number of passengers at Tikkurila Station will even triple after scheduled transport begins on the Ring Line in summer 2015.
  • Length: 18 km, of which the tunnel totals 8 km
  • Five new stations: Kivistö, Aviapolis, Airport, Leinelä and Vehkala
  • Stock: Sm5 low-floor trains (Flirt) with IDs I and P.

The Ring Line is a joint project of the Finnish Transport Agency, City of Vantaa and Finavia Corporation.

For more information, go to the Finnish Transport Agency's website.