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Ratatie 11
01300 Vantaa

Station area (HSL)


On the main line almost all long-distance trains and most commuter trains stop at Tikkurila. Tikkurila is a convenient station when you want to transfer from a long-distance train to a commuter train and vice versa. You can buy the ticket already at your departure station.


Train connection to Helsinki Airport

Tikkurila station has excellent connections to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It is easy to get to the airport by train using the Ring Rail Line. You can buy a ticket to the airport by selecting Helsinki Airport as your destination.

  • When travelling to the airport from the north or east of Finland, change trains in Tikkurila.

  • The I trains going to the Airport leave from Tikkurila on track 4 at approximately 10 minute intervals during rush hours.

  • Changing trains in Tikkurila is simple, and the trains are accessible. Take an escalator or lift to the station level, and go from there to track four and board the train.

  • Travel time to the Airport from Tikkurila is 8 minutes. There are only two stations between Tikkurila and the Airport. Hiekkaharju and Leinelä.


Other connections at Tikkurila


Taxi stand in front of Hotelli Vantaa
Lähitaksi, tel. 0100 7300


Regional buses (by HSL)


Opening hours

VR Ticket office

Mon–Fri 9–17
Sat–Sun Closed

Ticket vending machines

3 machines on the station bridge

Waiting room

Open 24 h


Tikkurila Travel Center Dixi

The Tikkurila Travel Centre Dixi makes travelling by public transport easy. All main-line long-distance trains, Russian trains and local trains stop at Tikkurila. If necessary, passengers can easily make connections by bus, as the bus terminal is part of the Travel Centre.

The Travel Centre Dixi offers passengers a pleasant environment for doing business and shopping. The station bridge will serve as a waiting area. The station level, which is on the third floor of the Travel Centre, will house a supermarket, numerous small businesses as well as restaurants and cafés.

When Dixi is closed, the bus terminal elevator next to track 1 is the only elevator to the station bridge.


Services and facilities for the disabled

Assistance is available. Call VR Telephone Service at 08001 66888(free of charge) no later than 48 hours before the departure.

Meeting point

The service point is located outside next to ticket sales, covered.

Car park

Park and ride (HSL)

Station services

Toilets, covered and raised station platforms, passenger information system

R-kiosk on the station

Avecra's Roberts Coffee and 2 Stop@Station kiosks as well as several other restaurants, supermarket an dnumerous other businesses


Enquiries and reservations

VR Customer Service
Tel. 0600 41 900 (€1,99 € / answered call + local network charge)
Opening hours:
Mon–Fri at 5–22
Sat–Sun and Bank Holidays at 7–22



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