Tickets to Russia

You can buy rail tickets for services between Finland and Russia from more ticket sales points than before. In addition to station ticket offices, tickets are available for purchase from the Online Shop or by calling VR Customer Care.

Tickets may be booked 90 days before the travel date at the earliest. The ticket includes a seat reservation.

There are discounts on rail tickets for children and groups. These are also available to Interrail and Eurail cardholders.

NB! Discounted rail tickets for the journey from Russia to Finland must be purchased in Finland, as these are not sold in Russia.


How to pay

A booked rail ticket must be paid for within 24 hours of making the reservation. If it is less than 24 hours before the journey starts, the ticket must be paid for when the booking is made. There are special terms and conditions attached to group bookings.

Terms and conditions

To enable the delivery of tickets to customers, the customer must state the following passport information: the passengers' first and last name in Latin letters, passport number, date of birth, gender and nationality.

Cancellation and changes


  • Changes to train tickets no later than six hours before departure.

  • Cancellation and change fee is 10 euros per traveler and per ticket.

  • Allegro ticket price includes a commuter train connection to the Helsinki Airport. Train connection is valid 80 minutes before Allegro’s departure or after its arrival.

  • Allegro trains don’t stop at Pasila.



  • The children’s discount is 30%

  • Those between 6 and 16 years of age are entitled to a children’s discount

  • One child under the age of 6 may travel free of charge, if accompanied by an adult and if no separate seat has been booked.

Note: Children's discount only given from regular priced adult tickets, not from offer ticket prices.

Children must have a valid passport.


  • at least six adult passengers

  • group discount is 20% from normal priced tickets

In a group a child gets a children's discount, not a group discount.

Groups should travel in the same carriage on board the train. If a group is larger, group visas should be obtained for each carriage in which the group is travelling.

Note: There are separate terms of payment for groups. The booking must be paid for within 30 days of the booking being made, but no later than 30 days before the departure.

Discount cards

Certain international rail cardholders are also eligible for a discount on services between Finland and Russia.

Interrail cardholders can travel free on the Finnish section of the route (not for cardholders living in Finland).

Eurail cardholders can travel free on the Finnish section of the route.


Check the passport information on your ticket carefully

The conductor will check the validity of the ticket on the basis of passport information entered into the system. The passport information is also sent beforehand to border and customs authorities.

In cases where incorrect information, e.g. passenger name or date of birth, has been provided, the conductor is entitled to refuse entry to passengers onboard the train.


Add students, children, seniors...

E-visas are currently unavailable for Allegro trains

Please note that e-visas cannot be used to travel to Russia on an Allegro train because Russia’s decision on e-visas does not apply to the railway border crossing points of Vyborg and St. Petersburg’s train station for Finland. 

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Remember your visa!

Please remember that, besides a valid train ticket, you also need a valid visa for your trip. Remember to set aside enough time to obtain one.

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Allegro has four departures per day from Helsinki and St. Petersburg. The train offers an easy way to travel east and the journey onboard is fast and flexible. We have put together some tips for travelling to St. Petersburg.

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Please note! Do not bring wild boar meat into Finland

African swine fever (ASF) appears in areas close to the borders of the European Union, particularly in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The disease is not transmitted to human beings, but in spreading to Finland it may endanger the production of Finnish pork.

There is good reason to avoid such hunting trips. All import for gift or souvenir purposes of meat products is prohibited from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

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