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VR commuter services use two pricing systems. The fares depend on whether the trip is made inside or outside HSL area (Helsinki region). VR’s commuter service region comprises the connections between Helsinki, Lahti and Riihimäki. Siuntio also belongs to VR’s commuter service region. You can travel from Helsinki to Kerava and Kirkkonummi with an HSL ticket.


Single commuter train tickets can be purchased via VR’s Commuter Service mobile application at, VR stations that have ticket sale offices, ticket vending machines or from R-Kiosk.

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Commuter tickets

When the entire commuter train trip or part of it is made outside Helsinki region municipalities, (check the route map), you must purchase a VR zone ticket. Single tickets for commuter services can also be purchased with the new VR Commuter Traffic mobile application.

Zones removed from tickets from 14 December 2016

In the future, single commuter train service tickets will indicate the departure and destination station and will be valid for two hours for the one way route selected. The old zones will remain for single tickets purchased on the train for the time being.

The right to travel for multi and season tickets has changed as follows:

You may use commuter service multi and season tickets purchased before 14 December 2016 for travel in the zone areas marked on the ticket until the end of its validity period. If you have purchased a commuter service multi or season ticket after 14 December 2016, there will be a transition period until the end of January 2017, so, for example, with a Helsinki–Järvenpää multi or season ticket you can travel in the HSL zone areas, just as before, without a separate supplementary ticket.

From 1 February, you will be able to take advantage of your purchased multi and season ticket for your selected route only. You will have the option to purchase single supplementary tickets from VR ticket offices or on the train when you want to continue your journey to another destination station other than the one marked on your multi or season ticket.

When you buy a new multi or a season ticket, we recommend that you purchase a ticket for your most frequent route, allowing for train changes, according to the Journey Search. For example, if your office is in Leppävaara, we recommend that you buy a ticket directly for the station in question, for example, between Järvenpää and Leppävaara. This will allow you change trains in either Pasila or Helsinki, and travel on the ticket to Helsinki and Leppävaara. The ticket is the same price as the Järvenpää–Helsinki ticket.

Traveling from the commuter region to the Ring Rail Line or Coast Line? Check where to transfer trains from the commuter region maps

Commuter multi-tickets

Commuter season tickets


HSL area train tickets

A HSL (Helsinki Metropolitan Area) ticket is needed for travelling by commuter train within Regional transport (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen).

See the commuter services price zone map for more information.

HSL area tickets and fares


Long-distance tickets including a commuter connection

Should your commuter train journey connect with a long-distance journey, you may purchase a long-distance ticket including a commuter connection.

Long-distance train tickets are also valid for transport in the HSL region when the transfer time to the local train is no more than 80 minutes from the arrival of the long-distance train to the transfer station. In such a case the destination must be the desired HSL area station.

Long-distance train tickets


We’re gradually renewing our Online Shop

Our busy Online Shop is being renewed. We’re working gradually to be able to offer you new services and features as soon as possible so that you can give us feedback on how they work. Firstly we have renewed the services for those who use the commuter area traffic in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of a ticket do I need to travel from Helsinki to Lahti? The Online Shop will not sell a ticket for a Z-train.

Single tickets are not sold in the Online Shop for commuter trains (e.g. Z-train), even if Journey Search shows commuter train services. Tickets for commuter trains are available from stations, ticket machines, VR Beta site and train conductors in the ticket vending compartment. You can buy commuter tickets from the Online Shop only if you travel by long-distance train as part of your trip.

For how long is the commuter train ticket valid?

Commuter train tickets purchased from VR Mobile and VR Commuter application are valid for 2 hours from the moment of purchase. At VR Beta site you can select a certain time, and the train ticket will be valid for two hours from that time Tickets purchased from other channels are valid for the day of purchase and the next day.

Can commuter services multi-tickets be cancelled?

Commuter services multi-tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.

Where do I find information on last year’s season ticket prices for taxation purposes?

You’ll find the season ticket prices in 2015 by going to the upper menu on the page and selecting Information about tickets -> Commuter tickets -> Season tickets. 

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Train tickets easily at R-Kioski

You can buy the most popular tickets for domestic long-distance services, the most special offer tickets, as well as commuter train tickets for VR commuter services at R-kioski.

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