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Ratakatu 3
96100 Rovaniemi


Taxi stands

By station building.

Taxi phone number e.g. Lapin Omataxi Oy, tel. 0100 9600 or Lähitaksi Rovaniemi, tel 0200 8800.


For transport connections, view City of Rovaniemi web pages.


Opening hours

Ticket vending machines

2 inside

Waiting room

Mon-Sun 5.00–21.30

Sales agents


Matkahuolto, check location and opening hours



Services and facilities for the disabled

Assistance is available. Call VR Customer Care at 08001 66888 (free of charge) no later than 36 hours before the departure.
Raised passenger platforms, track 1.
Wheelchair ramps to station from the platforms.
Covered station platforms 1.

Meeting point The assistance point is located at a lamppost on platform 1 at the Helsinki end of the station building. A drop off /pick up point is in the near vicinity. The assistance point is not under cover.
Station services 

Toilets, bicycle parking, baby-care room, passenger information system, luggage lockers 25x41x78  3e, 45x61x91  4e, 45x94x91 6e and ski lockers  23x191x33  2e and 28x195x48  5e.
No raised station platforms.

Restaurang, coffee-shop


Customers can collect keys to cars that have arrived on CarTrains at the destination Mon-Sun between 08.00 and 15.00. Please ring +358 40 5415346.

The keys to cars to be loaded on the train by VR must be left in tje key box in the station concourse at the latest 30 mins before the beginning of the loadind time stated on the ticket, or delivered to the loadind site during the loading of car carrier wagons and given directly to VR staff.



Enquiries and reservations

VR Customer Service
Tel. 0600 41 900 (€1,99 € / answered call + local network charge)
Opening hours:
Mon–Fri at 5–22
Sat–Sun and Bank Holidays at 7–22



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