Restaurant services on long-distance trains

It's nice to drop in to the restaurant car if you suddenly get hungry. Around half of domestic long-distance trains provide restaurant services. InterCity, Pendolino and express trains on longer routes have a restaurant car, and a service trolley operates on InterCity trains on shorter routes.

The new DuettoPlus restaurant car brings a new level of travel comfort to InterCity trips. You can enjoy tasty meals on the lower deck of the double-deck car, buy small snacks from the kiosk on the intermediate deck, and select a seat in the upper deck compartment for an extra charge when purchasing the ticket. 

On the basis of feedback from customers, the selection of sandwiches and buns has been extended, and the sandwich selection changes more frequently than previously. The selection has also been made fresher and healthier by including salads and vegetarian, fish and chicken dishes.

You can also take the food with you to your seat.

Euros and the most common payment cards are accepted for payment in the restaurant and sales trolley.

Restaurant services on night trains

All night and car carrier trains have a restaurant car. It opens at the latest when the train departs and is open until late at night. The restaurant car opens again in the morning. Warm meals and snacks are available. Ask the conductor about the exact location of the restaurant car.

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Caesar salad with chicken is available in the restaurant cars on all domestic trains.

You can buy e.g. an inexpensive coffee and a muffin from the sales trolley on InterCity trains.

Order your breakfast from the restaurant car in advance in the evening and get it at an inexpensive price.