Enjoy delicious food on board!

Get refreshed in the restaurant car during your journey or enjoy a tasty snack from the sales trolley operating on the train. Half of domestic long distance trains have restaurant services. In the Online Shop, restaurant cars have been marked with a knife and fork symbol Ravintolavaunu-symboli and sales trolleys with a coffee cup symbol Kärrymyynti . You are welcome to enjoy our selection!

Scenic restaurant on tracks

Enjoy the train’s cosiest car and its unique atmosphere, as well as delicious foods and drinks!

Restaurant services on long-distance trains

The restaurants on Pendolino and InterCity trains and night trains provide a diverse selection of products. For example, warm meals, sandwiches, pastries, sweets and drinks are available.

Comfortably in Restaurant Car

For example, you can enjoy the hugely popular meatballs, salmon soup, pasta dishes and other offerings of the Restaurant Car in some of the InterCity and night-trains

Permanent benefits with the Veturi card!

Diverse Veturi benefits are valid in the restaurant cars on all domestic long-distance trains. With the Veturi mobile card, you get a discount on e.g. meals and some drinks. You find the Veturi card in VR Mobile that can be downloaded in your smartphone.

Allegro's restaurant

Enjoy a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner in Allegro's restaurant. You can also drop in for a glass of champagne in the bar of the restaurant car or take the food with you to enjoy it at your seat.

Meals on Tolstoi train

The price of your ticket to Moscow on the Tolstoi train includes a small meal or a snack platter. The train also has a restaurant car in which you can enjoy a meal during your journey. You can buy drinks or order meals from the attendant.

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Journey tip

If you travel in a group, you can book a packed lunch in advance!

Contact ryhmamyynti@vr.fi or tel. 0600 19955 (Mon–Fri from 8–17, cost: €1.99 / answered call + local network charge)

Restaurant menus

Find out in advance what the selections in our restaurant services are:

Intercity restaurant car menu​

Minibistro trolley selection

Allegro Bistro Menu