Restaurant services at train stations


Avecra station restaurants are on your way. Grab take-away for the train trip or eat a cosy lunch at the station restaurant.

Avecra offers train travellers and other customers a wide range of restaurant services in Helsinki, Kerava, Pasila, Seinäjoki, Turku and Tampere. The restaurants' product range varies by city and restaurant with e.g. cold and hot beverages, take-away food and meals.

The popular Baguette & Co offers e.g. baguettes, salads, beverages and other types of packed lunch at Helsinki, Seinäjoki, Tampere and Turku railway stations.

Other Avecra restaurant services are listed below or on Avecra's website where you can view the restaurants' product range, opening hours and contact information.

Read more on station restaurants on Avecra's website!

Other restaurant services at stations

In addition to restaurants operated by Avecra there are other restaurants at train stations. Read more on station services on the Station services page.

Station restaurants

Helsinki station: Aseman Wursti, Baguette & Co, Minuuttibaari, Ooster, Pullman Bar, Pullman Lounge, Robert’s Coffee and Stop@Station.

Kerava station: Kellobaari.

Pasila station: Nellu Pub, Ravintola Nelmanni and Robert’s Coffee.

Seinäjoki station: Baguette & Co

Tampere station: Baguette & Co

Turku station: Baguette & Co