Traveling with rail passes

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A trip by train is always an experience: you meet new people, you hear different languages, you see beautiful sceneries. Choose the right rail pass for you and travel by train in Finland, Scandinavia or whole Europe.

Eurailpass in Europe

The Eurailpass is for travelers, who live outside Europe. It is valid on 27 railways in Europe, including Finland. If you wish to travel in Finland only, you can buy a Eurailpass for Scandinavia. You can get your Eurailpass in your own country. It can also be purchased at Eurail Aid Offices in Europe. The Eurail Aid Office of Finland is at the Helsinki Railway Station.

Further information:

Seat booking

Supplements are included in the price of a Eurailpass. Seat reservation is recommended but not obligatory for Eurail travelers. A seat reservation fee must be paid for a reserved seat.

InterRail Pass

With InterRail you can travel in Europe by train wherever you want. InterRail is great for everybody - regardless of age and travel needs.
Choose from two types of InterRail passes: the InterRail Global Pass which is valid in all countries and the country-specific InterRail One Country Pass.

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