TOP5 attractions of St. Petersburg


1. Hermitage Art Museum

The Hermitage, most of which is located in the Winter Palace, is one of the world's most important museums. More than three million objects of art are on display, ranging from archaeological discoveries and art of antiquity, to the masterpieces of European modernists.  In addition to the art treasures, the Tsarist palace has breathtaking grandeur: bombastic staircases with gold-plated ornaments and the breathtaking throne room will not leave anyone cold.

The Hermitage and the Winter Palace, Dvortsovaya Ploshchad 2.
Metro Admiralteiskaja.


2. Church tour

The three best-known churches in St. Petersburg are within walking distance from each other. The biggest and most magnificent is the gold-domed St. Isaac's Cathedral, whose stark columns were carved out of Finnish granite. After climbing 500 steps, the persevering traveller is rewarded by the view over the city which opens up from the bell tower. 

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, or the Church on Spilt Blood, with its ornamented onion-shaped domes, looks like it came straight from a story book. The mosaic-clad interior walls and ceiling are brimming with skilfully-executed details glowing in bright colours.

The Kazan Cathedral, which operates as the main church, offers the visitor a glimpse into the world of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is recommended that women cover their heads with a scarf.

  • St. Isaac's Cathedral, Isaakievskaya ploshchad 4.
  • Metro: Admiralteyskaya.
  • Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, Naberezhnaya kanala Gribojedova 26.
  • Metro: Gostinyi dvor / Nevsky prospekt.
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, Nevsky prospekt 25.
  • Metro: Gostinyi dvor / Nevsky prospekt.


3. Peter and Paul Fortress

Located on the small Hare Island, the Peter and Paul Fortress is the birthplace of the whole city. A walk on the island takes the visitor along the walls and cobblestones of the sea fortresses to a sandy beach.

In the middle of the island, the golden tower of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, over 120 metres high, rises up. On the top of the tower stands an angel holding a cross. All of Russia's Tsars from Peter the Great onward are buried in the cathedral. On the fortress island it is also possible to visit the Prison Museum and the Mint.

  • The Peter and Paul Fortress and the Peter and Paul Cathedral are located at Sobornaya ploshcshad 1. Metro: Gorkovskaja.

Nevski Prospekt

4. Nevsky Prospekt - the main thoroughfare

The city's unchallenged main thoroughfare is the Nevsky Prospekt, which is four and a half kilometres long. The busiest part, which begins at the Admiralty, runs past the Moskovsky Railway Station, where the street makes a small curve and continues all the way to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery.
On the Nevsky Prospekt is the block-long Gostinyi Dvor department store, as well as one of the city's most beautiful bridges - the Anitshkov, which crosses the Fontanka River. Post cards are available in the big book store of the historic Singer Building.  A good place for coffee is the Eliseev brothers delicatessen.
  • Amiralty, Admiralteisky Prospekt 1.
  • Metro Admiralteiskaja.
  • Moskovsky Railway Station, Nevsky Prospekt 85.
  • Metro: Ploshchad Vosstania.
  • Alexander Nevsky Monastery, Ploshchad Alexandra Nevskogo 1.
  • Metro: Ploshchad Aleksandra Nevskogo.
  • Bookstore in the Dom Knigi Singer building Nevsky Prospekt 28.
  • Metro: Gostinyi Dvor / Nevsky prospekt.
  • Eliseev delikatessen, Nevsky Prospekt 56.
  • Metro: Gostinyi Dvor / Nevsky prospekt.

Venäläinen museo

5. Russian Museum

The Russian Museum is the world's most extensive collection of Russian art. It shows a cross-section of the country's art from the centuries-old icon painting tradition to less-known modern art.
The most stunning works include the large-sized oil paintings of Repin and Vrubel, and the works of Russian Avant Garde artists, which have shaken artistic concepts around the world. The park that opens up behind the Mikhailovskiy Palace is famous for its centuries-old trees. Near them are two other buildings that are also part of the Russian Museum - the Mikhailovsky Castle and the Marble Palace. The Russian Museum and the Mikhailovsky Palace, Inzhenernaja Ulitsa 4.
  • Metro: Gostinyi Dvor / Nevsky prospekt.
  • Mikhailovskiy Palace, Ulitsa Sadovaja 2.
  • Metro: Gostinyi Dvor / Nevsky prospekt.
  • Marble Palace, Millionnaya Ulitsa 5/1.
  • Metro: Gostinyi Dvor / Nevsky prospekt.