Passengers with allergies

If you have allergies please let the booking clerk know you want a seat suitable for allergic passengers. VR wants to cater to the needs of allergic passengers as much as possible. All trains are non-smoking.


Long-distance train Seats Please note!
Pendolino all seats are furnished with allergy-friendly materials When buying tickets please note that the spaces for pets are located in the rear end of car 6.
InterCity a double and a four-person compartment specially designed for allergic passengers The compartments are equipped with a supply-air filter that is changed every 8 weeks. The compartments are pressurized so as to prevent the penetration of air from other compartments.
Day express trains seats for allergic passengers in the middle of the 2nd class compartment the seats are upholstered with pile plush ensuring easy cleaning.
Night trains In night train sleeping-cars the centre compartment (berths 13, 14 and 15) is reserved for allergic passengers pets are only admitted in the rear-end compartment of the sleeping-cars.