Paying on VR Mobile

In our VR Mobile store you can pay for your purchases with the most common credit and debit cards: Visa and MasterCard as well as Visa Electron and Maestro.

The purchase is faster and easier if you are a Veturi customer and save your payment card information into the VR Online Shop. When logging on to VR Mobile with your Veturi customer number, the payment card information is ready, and buying tickets is fast and effortless.

Buying tickets on VR Mobile is safe. A secure connection is used during payment.

Saving payment card information

Payment card information can be saved in the Online Shop ( for VR Mobile purchases. Payment card information is saved in the system of mobile payment systems provider Verifone, which makes quick payments possible.

  • Log on to the VR Online Shop
  • Go to the My Information page
  • Go to Save payment card information for mobile payments
  • Accept transfer of information to the register of mobile payment systems provider Verifone. You can also read the privacy statement.

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  • Choose the card and store its number, the CVC security code and validity period

You can save the information of several different payment cards into the system.

If you wish to remove the information of a saved payment card, please call the VR Mobile and Online-shop helpdesk (tel. 0800 166 888) and tell the customer service person the name of your payment card and the four last digits. Helpdesk will contact the payment operator and inform the customer when the payment card information has been removed from the system.


Payment by credit and debit card

In VR Mobile, when you get to the payment phase, a page will open up where you will be able to select your payment card. When paying for your purchases you can choose whether you want to use the credit or debit feature of your card.

If you use a Visa or a Visa Electron card, choose Visa, and when you use a MasterCard or Maestro card, choose MasterCard.

When you want to pay by credit card use the 16-digit card number on the front of the card and the three-digit CVC security code.

When paying by debit card, use the series of numbers in the bottom left corner of the back of the card. The first 16 digits function as the card number and the three last ones function as the CVC security code.

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Payment with saved card information on VR Mobile

If you have saved your payment card information on the website, you will find your stored cards ready for use in the "saved payment methods" menu as you pay for your tickets. Then you will only need to add the card's three-digit security code (CVC). 


Tickets available on VR Mobile

Advance ticket

Buy advance tickets online 60-7 days before your journey and save money. Earlier you buy - less you pay.


Basic ticket

Basic ticket is the normal price ticket. It comes with seat reservation and entitles you to travel in Eco Class.


Flexible ticket

With the Flexible ticket you can travel in Extra Class. As extra you will get the day's papers and coffee/tea and snacks.


Pet spaces

You can transport pets on all trains. When using VR Mobile, you can also pay the charges for your pet when buying the train ticket.

Bicycle spaces

Using VR Mobile you can also pay the charge for your bicycle. On long-distance trains you can transport bicycles on InterCity and Express trains.

Multi-ticket seat booking

You can also book your seat through mobile ticketing. Multi-tickets you can buy at Online Shop, ticket offices and ticket machines, from VR Customer Care and at travel agencies.

Delivering the tickets

You will receive the tickets as text message to your mobile phone and to your e-mail (as pdf file). You will also receive confirmation for each order.

Paying for the tickets

Tickets purchased through mobile ticketing can be paid with the most common credit/debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro cards.

Changing and cancelling your ticket

You can change or cancel the tickets purchased using VR Mobile in accordance with the terms and conditions applying to the tickets in question. For ticket changes, contact VR Customer Care, tel. 0800 166 888 or VR ticket office.

Ticket cancellations are made at ticket offices. Refunds are always paid in cash even if the tickets were paid by credit card.