Information about VR online services-based cookies

VR uses HTTP cookies to implement safe, user-friendly services as well as personalise its website data, target marketing and otherwise facilitate the use of services. A cookie is a small piece of data that the online server sends to the user’s browser, which is then stored on the computer’s hard drive. On the basis of these cookies, it is possible to determine the data content that interests users in addition to how online services are utilised. Cookies help to offer content that is more interesting to the individual user of the VR website as well as the sites of VR's marketing partners, together with more targeted advertisements, services and benefits.

Necessary cookies for Internet services

Some of our cookies are necessary in order to ensure the functionality, safety and user-friendliness of our online services. By means of cookies, we also compile statistical data, through which we can improve the performance and ease-of-use of our online services.

We apply such necessary cookies in, e.g. the maintenance of online services-based sessions and our online shopping basket. You can prohibit all usage of cookies – including the necessary ones – in the settings of your browser. In this case, however, it is possible that you may not be able to use all website services, such as VR’s Online Shop. In most browsers, the possibility to prohibit cookies can be found in the Tools settings or Privacy sections.

Marketing and third-party cookies

These cookies enable the analysis of the use of online services as well as targeted online marketing. By means of these cookies, we can enrich the data in marketing targeting data that can be utilised with the information we obtain from third parties, and offer benefits and marketing better in accordance with your needs.

Cookies from marketing and third parties are utilised in, for example, targeting VR’s marketing on the VR website as well as on the websites of other companies participating in marketing cooperation.

VR uses Google Analytics to monitor the website and enhance the customer experience. Google collects anonymous data. Read more about how google uses your data.

Our online services can be used without marketing- and third party-based cookies, but in this case it may not be possible to offer the user the best offers.
You can prohibit the use of marketing- and third party-based HTTP cookies here: