Night train travel

When travelling on a night train you can choose whether you want to travel in a seat or a berth.
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Night train timetables can be
easily viewed  the VR Online Shop
You can also view route alternatives 
on the night train timetables page.

There are car-carrier wagons on
some night trains. If you are
considering transporting your
car please
car-carrier trains on the
CarTrains page.


Winter night and car-carrier trains

Some of the night trains in the winter season depart from Helsinki railway station and some from Pasila car-carrier station.
If the train departs from Pasila car-carrier station all passengers departing from Helsinki must board the train at Pasila car-carrier station. This also applies to passengers who are not transporting a car but travelling in a sleeping compartment or have a day car seat.

Entire compartment

You can reserve a compartment for 1-2 persons (new double-deck sleeping cars) or for 1-3 persons (blue sleeping cars).


You can also buy one or more berth tickets in a men/women-only compartment.


In seats you can travel in comfort inexpensively.


Children aged 10 and younger travel free of charge on night trains with a parent in the same sleeping compartment if a berth is not booked for the child. You must inform VR if a child will travel with you when buying your tickets. Children under the age of 4 do not need tickets. Get your tickets permitting children aged 4 to 10 to travel free of charge from ticket offices or by phone from VR Customer Care.



Pets can be transported in a car-end compartment reserved by one person or group by paying a pet charge of 5 euros.


You cannot transport pets in men/women-only compartments.

Fixed pet charge of 5 euros per pet.


Read more on the transport of luggage on the Onboard services page.


If you want to transport your car read more on CarTrain packages on the Tickets page.

Sleeping car amenities

Double-deck sleeping cars have a wide range of modern services for all passengers, e.g. adjoining compartments for families and easily accessible sleeping berths for disabled passengers.

The blue sleeping cars also offer a comfortable overnight trip between southern Finland and Lapland.

How to buy tickets from the VR Online Shop

  • After you have selected a train service the Online Shop will display the price of the trip with seat booking.
  • Select if you want to reserve an entire sleeping compartment or a single berth and calculate the new price.
  • When booking single berths indicate for each passenger whether the they are male of female. In that case the seats will be in different compartments.
  • When booking entire sleeping compartments, select one, two or three person compartments (3 person compartments only in blue sleeping cars).
  • You can book a regular compartment for your group without special requests or special compartments (e.g. for the disabled, pet compartments, compartments with shower). You can only select one type of special compartment at a time. If you want to select e.g. hypoallergenic compartments, pet compartments or compartments for the disabled select the berths on the car layout.
  • If you purchase a return ticket please make your selections for both trips.
Add students, children, seniors...

Read more about sleeping cars on the Onboard services page.

Frequently asked questions

Will there be changes in the night train and CarTrain tickets and prices?

According to customer surveys and feedback customers would like more competitive products and price level. Night and CarTrain tickets will also be reviewed on that basis.

What benefits do I get from the mobile application?

When using the mobile application downloaded to your mobile you can search timetables and purchase ticket faster. After registering as a Veturi member customers log into the service automatically when opening the application. Purchased tickets are automatically saved in the application's ticket folder and the route can be saved in the calendar. With the application you can easily manage favourite routes and the ticket folder.

Why don't all of the departures to St. Petersburg and Moscow appear immediately in the search results?

There are only a few departures to Russia in a single day, so there is no need to increase the number of search results.

Do tickets bought from other VR sales locations show up in the Tickets folder of a Veturi customer?

The Tickets folder of a Veturi customer shows all tickets that have been bought or reserved while logged on when the customer uses the VR Mobile application. However, this applies only to tickets that are among those which are currently available in the Mobile Shop - not multi tickets or season tickets, for instance.

Where do I find the prices of tickets for students or pensioners?

The price calendar shows the price of a trip for an adult. Other prices can be found in the Online shop.

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Experience Lapland!

The winter in Lapland is full of experiences. Northern Finland offers plenty of choices for those who want to exercise outdoors or relax. We have put together some tips for travelling in Lapland.

Lapland tips

Collect your tickets in time

Train ticket collection times have changed: most tickets must be paid within 24 hours of booking. Collect your tickets in time to assure your journey!