Berth and sleeping compartment tickets for night trains

On night trains, it is possible to travel in a seat or a berth. Berth and compartment prices depend on the travel date and whether you are travelling downstairs or upstairs in the double-deck car.


Berth Saver tickets

With berth Saver tickets, you will always travel affordably in the night train berths.

  • downstairs berth only €49

  • upstairs berth only €58

Students, children and pensioners can get discounts on Saver tickets. Berth Saver tickets can only be purchased for a night train journey, which means a possible connection to a night train or you need to purchase a separate train ticket from the night train.​ Please also note, that saver tickets are limited to a number of selected departures.


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When you travel in a sleeping-car, you can book a berth in a compartment for 2 or 3 persons or book the entire sleeping compartment for you or your group.

A berth in an upstairs sleeping compartment with a shower is €9 more expensive than a berth in a downstairs compartment. The blue car berth price is the same as a downstairs berth in a double-deck car.

Children’s berths

A child up to 10 years of age travels for free on board a night train in the same berth as their parent when no separate berth is booked.


Terms and conditions of berth and sleeping compartment tickets


To compare sleeping berth and compartment prices go to the VR Online Shop.

When purchasing tickets from a station ticket office or R-kiosk, a €1 service surcharge is added to the price of each ticket.


Children, students and seniors get discounts on berth tickets.

Travel class

Eko Class

How to buy

You can buy tickets for a berth or compartment online, ticket offices, ticket vending machine (only berth tickets), by phone from VR Customer Care, from travel agencies and VR sales agents/Matkahuolto service points (see more information).

How to pay

You can pay for tickets including a berth or sleeping compartment online and at VR ticket vending machines (only berth tickets).

Reservations of tickets with berths in a sleeping compartment must be paid within 24 hours of booking or when booking when the reservation is made less than 24 hours before the train's departure. If the reservation is not paid within the deadline the reservation will cancelled.


Berth or sleeping compartment tickets are valid for the date and train indicated on the ticket.

How to get the tickets

Pick up the ticket at the station, print it yourself or have the ticket sent to you as an e-mail attachment.


You may change a ticket which includes a berth or sleeping compartment before the train's departure. The charge for changing the ticket is €5 per change/person. The date or time of departure can be changed (not the route or the direction). The difference is not refunded when changing to a less expensive ticket. Please note that a service fee of one euro will be charged in addition to other possible fees at the station ticket sales.

If you have purchased the ticket from VR Customer Care you can also make changes by phone. A €5 charge for paid tickets is also collected in these cases.


You may cancel a ticket which includes a berth or sleeping compartment before your train's departure, provided that you have paid the Cancellation insurance (€5-13) upon purchasing the ticket. You can claim your refund at station ticket offices or VR Customer Care; refunds may be claimed from R-kioski convenience stores only if the tickets were purchased there


Frequently asked questions

Will there be changes in the night train and CarTrain tickets and prices?

According to customer surveys and feedback customers would like more competitive products and price level. Night and CarTrain tickets will also be reviewed on that basis.

I travel with my small child in a sleeping car and I'm afraid the child will fall from the berth. What do I do?

The lower (blue sleeping cars) or lower and middle berths (double decker sleeping cars) can be equipped with a safety net so that the child does not fall down from the berth. You can ask for a safety net when purchasing tickets from station ticket offices or by calling VR Customer Care, tel. 0600 41 900.

I would like to take my skis with me on a long-distance train. Is that possible?

It's easy to transport skis onboard trains. The location of transport varies by train type. You can transport skis by train free of charge except when the skis are transported in the luggage van in blue cars. When transporting skis, please make sure that the skis do not cause nuisance to other passengers.

How much earlier have I to buy a journey with a berth ticket in the Online shop?

When purchasing a berth ticket from the Online Shop there must be over one hour until the departure of the train from its original departure station. You can check the departure station by clicking on the train number on the Online Shop's Timetables and fares page.

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Collect your tickets in time

Train ticket collection times have changed: most tickets must be paid within 24 hours of booking. Collect your tickets in time to assure your journey!