Night and car-carrier trains

The night trains are a comfortable option to travel overnight through the entire country.  The night trains are composed of sleeping-cars, day cars, a restaurant car and possibly car-carrier wagons.

Night train onboard services

Night trains with double-deck cars

2krs yojunat

  • day cars and double-deck sleeping cars
  • restaurant car
  • car-carrier wagons
  • luggage van
  • single person compartments
  • services for the disabled
  • changing table in lower deck
  • berths for allergic passangers
  • pet spaces
  • adjoining compartments
  • toilets and showers (ensuite or at ends of car)
  • mobile phone coverage
  • in-seat power outlets
  • air conditioning at each compartment
  • key card locks
  • safety net
  • luggage space in compartments
  • passanger information displays in corridors

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Blue night trains

Blue night trains

  • blue day cars and sleeping cars
  • car-carrier wagons on some trains (see night train timetables)
  • luggage van
  • single person compartments

Sleeping cars

  • seats for allergic passengers
  • pet spaces
  • key card locks
  • toilets at ends of car

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Car-carrier wagons

Gfot car-carrier wagons

  • 10 cars: 5 on lower deck and 5 on upper deck
  • Capacity on upper decktwo places maximun height  205 cm, two places maximun height 230 cm, one place 260 cm. Upper deck not covered.
  • Lower deck capacity maximun height 165 cm (covered)

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Car carrier wagon (Hcc)

  • 12 cars: 6 on lower deck and 6 on upper deck
  • wagon interior eguipped with lighting and ventilation
  • Capacity on lower deck: 184 cm (covered) and on upper deck max. 204 cm (covered)

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Restaurant services on night trains

All night and car carrier trains have a restaurant car. It opens at the latest when the train departs and is open until late at night. The restaurant car opens again in the morning. Warm meals and snacks are available. Ask the conductor about the exact location of the restaurant car.