Multi-tickets (during summer break, from 9.6.)

Long-distance multi-ticket sales will be on a break during summer, starting on 9 June 2017. Renewed long-distance multi-tickets will be available for sale at the beginning of autumn. You can still travel regularly with your multi-tickets purchased before 9 June and book the seats as before.
To ensure affordable trips during the summer, there are lot affordable Saver tickets available. Hurry to buy Saver tickets for your summer vacation trips.
On this page you will find information on how to use long-distance multi-tickets purchased before 9 June 2017.

The tickets are valid on all trains for the route marked on the ticket and in both directions. Individual tickets in a multi-ticket can only be used for single journeys, but all tickets do not need to be used in the same direction. For example, you can use one on the outbound and another one on the return journey.

The multi-ticket is transferable: several persons may use the ticket either together or separately.


Multi-ticket seat booking

We recommend that you book a seat in advance via VR Mobile or at You can also book a seat at the service station's ticket office or through VR Customer Service. You can also change or cancel your seat reservation when necessary at the service station's ticket office or VR Customer Service by telephone 0800 166 888 (Monday–Sunday from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm, toll-free number).

To book a place for a pet, make your reservation at the station booking office or via VR Customer Service. Read more about travelling with a pet

With a multi-ticket you can also board the train without a reserved seat, but we recommend you reserve one.


The train conductor check and stamp your multi-ticket on long-distance Pendolino, IC and express trains. Please remember that on metropolitan and commuter trains you must show your ticket to the train conductor at the ticketing section, and in railbus you stamp your ticket at the kiosks.


Corporate multi-ticket

The Corporate multi-ticket is the cheapest and most convenient option when travelling regularly on the same route. A multi-ticket is valid on all trains for the route marked on the ticket in either direction. With the Corporate multi-ticket you travel comfortably in Extra Class, where daily newspapers, coffee and tea are provided free-of-charge. Multi-tickets are transferable, so the same ticket can be used by multiple individuals from the same company.

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel or change a seat reservation without losing trips?

Yes. You can cancel or change a multi-ticket's seat reservation at the station or by calling VR Customer Care before the train's departure.

How to I reserve a multi-ticket seat?

You can reserve a multi-ticket seat from the VR Online Shop. Select season and multi-tickets tab on the front page of > Multi-ticket seat booking. Enter your travel details, including the direction and date for which you wish to reserve a seat and click on Search. Then select the train you wish to travel. On the Seats and Services page you can choose a seat by clicking on the Choose Seats button. You can also call VR Customer Support tel. 0800 166 888 (Mon–Sun from 7 to 22, free of charge) to book a seat.

Can commuter services multi-tickets be cancelled?

Commuter services multi-tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.

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Travel in DuettoPlus!

Users of multi-tickets can now reserve a seat on the upper deck of the new DuettoPlus restaurant car.  Season ticket passengers can also travel on the upper deck of the DuettoPlus restaurant car if there is room available.


Print your multi-ticket yourself

A long-distance services multi-ticket purchased from the Online shop can now be printed from your own computer. It is no longer necessary to get it from a station's ticket office or ticket machine. You can also book a seat on a train immediately after purchasing a multi-ticket, for instance in the Online shop or VR Mobile.