Get to know the city of Moscow


Red square, located beside the Kremlin wall, is a sight you just have to see; with St. Basil's Church rising at its edge and Lenin's Mausoleum, with its uninspiring granite walls making the interior all the more impressive. 

If you want to see the Bolshoi ballet, book your tickets early!

Moscow will impress you with its abundant supply of restaurants. In addition to international cuisine you will find many restaurants cherishing traditional Russian food. For example, it is highly worthwhile experiencing the delightful flavours of Georgian cuisine. Many ethnic food restaurants also offer live music or dance performances. The numerous cafés, bars and nightclubs ensure that the evening never needs to become too short: many of these places are even open around the clock.

Present-day Moscow is also a shopper's paradise. In recent years shopping centres have increased tremendously. In addition the famous GUM department store you can shop in numerous other modern shopping centres. Traditional artefacts and handicrafts can be found in the Moscow market places, such as the famous Izmailovsky market where it is well worth buying woodwork, Russian linen and crystal.

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To Russia on the Tolstoi night-train

The Russian night-train Tolstoi will take you conveniently overnight to the metropolis of Moscow. The train has comfortable sleeping cars and a well-equipped business car.
The Tolstoi has a cosy restaurant car where you can enjoy Russian cuisine and beverages. In addition, each car has a car attendant from whom you can buy coffee, tea and snacks.