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Please get in touch if you need any help concerning train travel. Use the form to give feedback, seek compensation or ask about train travel at your leisure.

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You can also check out the train travel ABCs we have compiled to make your trips easier. If you cannot find the help you seek, you can reach VR Customer Care by phone every day 7-22 by calling 0600 41 902. Other contact information is available on this page.

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Ask about train travel

Ask us about train travel using the form. We will be happy to help you with any questions you might have.
Ask about train travel


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ABCs of Train Travel

The ABCs of Train Travel will be your guide for trips to local destinations, Russia or even a night/car train to the north or south.
ABCs of Train Travel

Service numbers


VR Customer Care
Open M-Su from 7 to 22
Information, bookings, timetable, prices, tickets
0600 41 902
Price of call in Finland
€1,99/answered call + local network charge
When calling from a non-Finnish phone number +358 9 2319 2902

Feedback  0203 32034
M-F from 9 to 12

Commuter traffic
p. 0600 41 904
€1,99/answered call + local network charge

When calling from a non-Finnish phone number
+358 9 2319 2902

VR-Group Ltd
0307 10 

Vilhonkatu 13
00100 Helsinki
Fax: 0307 26 551

Online-shop and mobile ticketing support  0203 32033
Open M-Su from 7 to 22

Inva services
0600 41 902
VR Customer Care
M-Su from 7 to 22
€1.99/answered call + local network charge

By train to Russia
p. 0600 41 905
M-Su from 7.00 to 22.00
1,99 €/answered call + local network charge

Business Sales
0600 19 955 
M-F from 8 to 17
€1.99 / answered call + local network charge

Cancellations 0203 32041
€0.088 /min.
Penalty fares 
09 476 64111 
HSL Junaliikenteen tarkastusmaksutoimisto
Elielinaukio 3
FI-00100 Helsinki
M-F from 8.30 to 16
Live train updates during service disruptions
0203 32037
Group Sales
0600 19 955 
M-F from 8 to 17
€1.99 / answered call + local network charge
Multi-ticket seat booking 0203 32035
€0.088 /min.
Enquiries for lost property
0600 41 006
(€1.97/min + Inc.) within Finland
+358 303 9006 from abroad
Finland's Found Property Service 

Telephone privacy protection

VR records calls in order to confirm the content of calls. Recordings are used to secure the rights of the customer and VR. Recordings are also used in VR's internal training of personnel to develop customer service and improve quality. The recordings are not used for other purposes or released to third parties.

Frequently asked questions

Do pensioners and students get a discount on the price of a CarTrain package?

Pensioners or students do not get a discount in CarTrain package tickets. The CarTrain package is a fairly cheap product on which additional discounts are not granted.

What benefits do I get from the mobile application?

When using the mobile application downloaded to your mobile you can search timetables and purchase ticket faster. After registering as a Veturi member customers log into the service automatically when opening the application. Purchased tickets are automatically saved in the application's ticket folder and the route can be saved in the calendar. With the application you can easily manage favourite routes and the ticket folder.

Why don't all of the departures to St. Petersburg and Moscow appear immediately in the search results?

There are only a few departures to Russia in a single day, so there is no need to increase the number of search results.

Do tickets bought from other VR sales locations show up in the Tickets folder of a Veturi customer?

The Tickets folder of a Veturi customer shows all tickets that have been bought or reserved while logged on when the customer uses the VR Mobile application. However, this applies only to tickets that are among those which are currently available in the Mobile Shop - not multi tickets or season tickets, for instance.

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