Book a compartment or coach

If you want to hold a meeting while travelling by train book a Pendolino working compartment which can accommodate seven persons. A bigger group can book a whole coach for the journey.



Chartered trains

When you want to offer your interest groups an unforgettable journey you can charter a whole train. Choose from dozens of car types to put together a conference train, a train for a festive occasion, an exhibition train or an event train; there is enough room for as many as 1500 persons.

For further information please use our form or call 0307 23702 (M-F from 8 to 16).

Day car

You can book an entire day car with the number of seats depending on car type. For example a 1st class InterCity car has 57 seats and a express train day car has 80.

It is also possible to book a sleeping car or restaurant car which can be linked with the day car. For example the bar car has enough capacity for 56 persons and the InterCity restaurant car has 53 seats.

The saloon car

The saloon car has conference and sleeping compartments for 14 persons and a shower. The joint conference and saloon compartment offers modern conference and banquet facilities. An Avecra train attendant takes care of the office equipment and catering services.


Conference car

The conference car has a 24 person conference room and a saloon compartment for working or recreation. You have at your disposal modern office equipment. An Avecra Ltd train attendant takes care of the office equipment and catering services in accordance with your order.


Exhibition car

The car can be used to hold product and corporate presentations as well as training, customer and PR events. In the car an exhibition is always assembled and does not have to be taken down when changing location. The car has a conference room for eight persons and office space. Catering services can also be ordered from Avecra Ltd.