Luggage is transported in trains on a self-service basis. It is possible to transport large or heavy luggages in night trains in separate luggage compartments.

Note: Starting from the 15th of December, 2019 it is not possible to transport large luggage or bicycles on the direct night train route Turku–Rovaniemi–Turku. However, it is possible to transport such items on a route with a transfer connection. Ask for more information from Customer Care.

Luggage carts are available for bags.


On long-distance trains
0 €/5 €/10 €

On commuter trains 0 €

On trains to Russia 0 €


Transporting luggage


Luggage compartment

Luggage fee

Please note!

Pendolino and InterCity trains

luggage racks in the trains' vestibules
overhead luggage racks

no luggage fee

IC-trains have storage lockers that work with a 50 cent deposit.


Customers should bring the transported goods to the guard's van and collect them at the arrival station when transporting large luggage and prams. Customers should transfer their luggage to another train themselves when changing trains.

Lost property will be delivered to Lost & Found International.

When traveling on night trains, you can store your luggage in a seperate luggage storage car. A storage fee of 5€ of 10€ will bee collected depending on the size of your luggage.


Canoes, kayaks, ski boxes etc. as luggage

Canoes, kayaks, ski boxes and other oversize items can be transported as luggage only in trains with a luggage van and if the transportation, taking into account relevant circumstances, if possible. Transport may not be possible due to e.g. lack of space.


Transport of luggage in commuter trains

In commuter trains luggage can be transported as hand baggage. There are no separate areas for luggage in trains.


Hand luggage on trains to Russia

Hand luggage refers to goods transported in the immediate vicinity of the passenger. There are no luggage vans on any of the services operating between Finland and Russia.

Hand luggage may be transported as follows:

Passengers may transport hand luggage if the transport of the goods is not in contradiction with regulations issued by customs or other officials. The transported goods may not endanger or cause nuisance to human health, the environment or property.

One train ticket entitles passengers to transport:

  • two pieces of hand luggage with maximum dimensions of 100 x 60 x 40 cm.

  • passengers travelling with an adult ticket may transport two pieces of hand luggage free of charge. If there is enough space on the train, you can purchase a seat for two additional pieces of hand luggage. Additional hand luggage is paid for in advance at the station ticket office.

  • hand luggage is to be transported in the space reserved for them in the same car as the passenger.

  • small items such as briefcase, handbags or cameras are not considered as hand luggage.


Hand luggage restrictions

The following may not be transported in a passenger car

  • No stinking, flammable, ignitable, pyrophoric, explosive, toxic, corrosive, or radioactive substances

  • loaded firearms

  • live animals (including birds) but not dogs or cats

  • items the transportation of which is prohibited by customs regulations.

  • Bicycles can be transported only when packed into a 100 x 60 x 40 cm size packet.

A passenger with hand luggage is liable for any damage and loss generated by a cause for which he is responsible.


Transport of oversize luggage on Allegro

  • Skis may be transported free of charge on Allegro provided that they are in e.g. a ski bag. Without the bag skis may not be transported.

  • Golf bags may be transported free of charge.

  • Bikes may be transported if they are packed into a luggage-sized casing (60x100x40 cm). Bikes may have to be disassembled to fit within these dimensions. Without the casing bikes may not be transported.

  • If customers have large luggage (over 60x100x40), they may book an empty seat to transport it.

  • Large sports bags (e.g. ice hockey equipment) or large musical instruments may only be transported on seats specifically booked for them. The fare for seats booked for luggage is the fare on that train departure. The seat must be in the same car in which the passenger travels.

  • Protective covers are available from the conductor to keep the seat from e.g. getting dirty.

Customs guidelines for passengers: and


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