Lost property

If you have left any property on the train please call Lost & Found International to enquire about lost property at 0600 41 006 within Finland or at +358 600 41006 from abroad.

You can pick up lost property at a Lost & Found International office or have it sent to you by post.

Lost & Found International has offices in seven cities: Helsinki, Vantaa, Kouvola, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku and Rovaniemi. For contact information please go to the website of Lost & Found International.

Lost & Found International charges a fee for handling lost property.


Prices of the telephone calls within Finland:

  • on working days from 09:00–18:00: 1,98 €/min

  • on Saturdays from 09:00–15:00: 1,98 €/min

  • on working days from 18:00–09:00: 2,95 €/min

  • on Saturdays from 00:00–09:00 and from 15:00–24:00: 2,95 €/min

  • on Sundays and holidays: 3,56 €/min