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You can search for all domestic timetables by selecting the departure and destination stations and the validity of the timetable.
With the advanced search you can search for timetables according to the day of the week, time of departure, transfers, type of train or services on the train.  

Timetables for each station

On the dropdown list below you can see timetables for all stations, for long-distance and commuter traffic.

View timetables as pdf, save or print You need to install Acrobat Reader. Download the free software on Adobe's website.


Search timetables

You can search timetables in the webshop: choose station of the departure and arrival, travel date and time. Possible changes in traffic during public holidays have been taken into account in the Online Shop.


Add students, children, seniors...

Passenger comfort from an energy-efficient driving style

An energy-efficient driving mode based on travelling in a maximally predictable driving style and in accordance with a precise schedule increases passenger comfort.  Strong acceleration and braking should be avoided while driving.