Ticket validation, ticket inspection and penalty fare

ticket inspection


The passengers are responsible for having an adequate valid ticket or purchase one from the train conductor. Tickets for commuter traffic must be purchased in advance.

Ticket validation

A ticket purchased in advance shall be produced to the conductor for validation during the first ticket inspection.

In the Capital Region commuter services (Helsinki–Tampere, Helsinki–Lahti, Helsinki–Airport, Helsinki–Siuntio), a ticket purchased in advance shall be validated in the validator located in the vestibule.

Should no ticket have been purchased in advance

  • a ticket can be bought for long-distance services from the conductor, who also validates the ticket. In that case, the ticket does not entitle to seat booking.
  • in the Capital Region commuter services, the ticket shall always be purchased in advance.


Ticket validation in commuter trains

The passenger shall validate a ticket purchased in advance with the validator in the train’s vestibule. The ticket is only valid upon its validation. Helsinki Metropolitan area tickets need no validation as a period of validity is printed on the ticket as it is bought. If you travel with a long-distance multi-ticket in a commuter train, produce your ticket to the conductor or inspector upon request.

Travel cards shall always be read with the self-service card reader when boarding the train, when entering the metro platform area, or when entering the commuter train platform area during a platform-gate ticket inspection.

Weekend night ticket inspection at Helsinki railway station


Ticket inspection and penalty fare

The inspectors of HSL and the VR train conductors are entitled to check the tickets. You are responsible for having an adequate valid train ticket. Should this fail to be the case, the ticket inspector shall collect a penalty fare in addition to the relevant one-way fare. The penalty fare is €80.

For further information on penalty fares, visit HSL Penalty Fares Office, open Mon–Fri at 08.30–16.00, tel. (09) 476 64111 (phone services available at 09.00–13.00).

Night services at Helsinki railway station

All commuter tickets are inspected prior to boarding at Helsinki railway station during weekend night services.

During the night services (from 23.00 to 04.00), only normally-priced adult and children’s single tickets are available at Helsinki railway station. The night fare for HSL tickets applies from 02.00 to 04.30. Discount tickets, that have been purchased in advance, and season tickets can be used for the night services.

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