Connecting bus transfer services between Vaasa and Seinäjoki

Long-distance trains no longer stop at Ylistaro, Isonkyrö and Laihia. VR provides supplementary connecting services between Seinäjoki and Vaasa.

The connecting bus between Seinäjoki and Vaasa will operate on weekdays. The buses will stop in Laihia, Tervajoki, Isokyrö, and Ylistaro town centres. The total duration of the route is 1 hour 15 minutes. An assistance service for people with disabilities is not available on the bus.

The connecting buses provide a smooth transfer connection onto the Seinäjoki long-distance trains. Please note that all long-distance trains will continue to stop at Tervajoki station.


Departure locations for the buses

The terminal stops for the connecting buses are at Seinäjoki and Vaasa railway stations. The stops in the other locations are as close as possible to the centre of town. Please note that the buses will not be passing through the Ylistaro, Isokyrö, Tervajoki or Laihia railway stations.

View the buses’ precise stopping locations here

Name of stop in VR ticket sales

Name and location of stop (Seinäjoki–Vaasa)

Name and location of stop (Vaasa–Seinäjoki)

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Matkakeskus, platform 3


VR bus

service station parking lot

service station parking lot

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Isokyrö Valtaala
VR bus

Valtaala L

Valtaala I

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Isokyrö center
VR bus

Isokyrö matkahuolto/ swimming hall

matkahuolto/ swimming hall

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VR bus

Tervajoki pika L

Tervajoki pika I

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VR bus

Laihia Matkahuolto

Laihia Matkahuolto

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Matkakeskus, platform 6



Timetable for connecting services

The timetable of the connecting bus has been synchronised with the arrivals and departures of long-distance trains at Seinäjoki.

You can check connection bus timetables from the Timetable search or from the long-distance timetables page.


Purchase of tickets for connection

Tickets are not sold on connecting buses, so tickets and additional paid services must be purchased beforehand from VR’s sales locations such as the Online Store, VR Mobile, and R-kiosks You can also purchase a ticket for only the bus journey.

Connecting bus services can be easily accessed at, through VR Mobile, or from ticket machines using the following station information:

  • Ylistaro VR bus
  • Isokyrö Valtaala VR bus
  • Isokyrö keskusta VR bus
  • Tervajoki VR bussi (Notice. long-distance trains stop at Tervajoki)
  • Laihia VR bus


Tickets valid for connecting services

Long-distance multi-tickets and season tickets that cover the route and have been purchased before 30 March 2016 will be valid as tickets on the buses until the end of the valid period. Certificates entitling the bearer to a discount (student, pensioner, child) will be checked in the same way as on trains. Also, the conditions for travelling with a conscript card are the same as on the trains.


Transport of luggage and pets on the bus

Hand luggage can be transported on the bus. Transporting prams and bikes is also permitted, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Pets can be transported on buses, if there is space and no allergic passengers. Read more about traveling with pets on replacement buses

The additional fee for transporting bicycles and pets is €5.