Group and conference journeys

The train offers a group of travellers various possibilities of using the travel time: by working, relaxing, etc. An own compartment, entire coach or an own special car (coupled to a regular train) may be booked for a group.

Comfortably in the new DuettoPlus restaurant

DuettoPlus offers unparallel travel comfort and culinary experiences. For a group you can reserve face-to-face group seats; larger groups can reserve the entire upper deck with food and drink served.


Chartered trains

When you want to offer your interest groups an unforgettable journey you can charter a whole train. For further information please call 0600 19955
€1.99 / answered call + local network charge (M-F from 8 to 17).

Pendolino onboard business services

When you travel with a group on Pendolino trains you can also hold a meeting in a conference compartment. The conference compartment accommodates seven persons and you can book it for the duration of your journey.

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Customer service

VR Customer Care
M-Su from 7 to 22
0600 41 902
(€1.99/answered call + lnc.)

Business Sales
M-F from 8 to 17
0600 19955
€1.99 / answered call + local network charge

Group Sales
M-F from 8 to 17
0600 19955
€1.99 / answered call + local network charge

Trains to Russia
M-Su from 8.30 to 16.30
0600 41 905
(€1.99/answered call + lnc.)

Calls from abroad
+358 9 2319 2902

Opening hours at VR's Railway Stations

Other contacts