Paying on railcars


You can now buy your train ticket for commuter railcars from the ticket machine on the train or in advance from many VR ticket purchasing locations. There are no longer conductors in each train.

The ticket machine is located in the passenger compartment at one end of the train. You can purchase adult, student, pensioner and junior basic tickets for Eco class. The ticket machine accepts cash or common Credit/Debit card payments, with the exception of Visa Electron.

If you buy a ticket in advance or from the ticket machine, you no longer have to stamp it. Multi-tickets must be stamped at the ticket machine.

Buying a train ticket from a ticket machine

The ticket machine will provide instructions on purchasing a ticket. Here's how:

1. Please select: Buy ticket Paying on railcars

2. Check departure and destination station and press 'Continue'.

3. Select number of passengers. 

4. Check the journey information and choose whether you want to pay in cash or with your card. The ticket machine accepts coins as cash payment (no 1 or 2 cent coins!) and 5, 10 and 20 euro notes for purchases of less than 30 euros, and 50 euro notes for purchases over 30 euros. You can also pay with common Credit/Debit card payments at the ticket machine (not Visa Electron!).

5. The machine always provides change in coins.

6. Wait for the machine to print out your tickets. If you buy a ticket from the ticket machine, you no longer have to stamp it.

Here's how to stamp a multi-ticket at the ticket machine.

If you purchased a train ticket in advance, you have to stamp it when you get on the railcar.

1. Select Ticket stamping.

2. Show the ticket bar code to the reader.

3. A notification appears on the machine screen when the ticket has been stamped. You can print out a stamping receipt if desired.

Buy tickets in advance

You can buy also buy train tickets in advance from VR's ticket purchasing locations: VR online store, VR Mobile, ticket machines at stations, ticket offices, VR Customer Care and now at R Kioski locations.

Railcars in service

Railcars operate on the following routes: Hanko–Karjaa, Savonlinna–Parikkala, Iisalmi–Ylivieska, Jyväskylä–Seinäjoki, Tampere–Keuruu and Joensuu–Nurmes.