Ring Rail Line – a rail link to Helsinki–Vantaa Airport

The Ring Rail Line links long-distance rail travel with air travel, and brings a smooth connection to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from all parts of Finland.

Tikkurilan matkakeskus

Tikkurila Station has a smooth transfer connection from long-distance trains to a train that serves Helsinki-Vantaa Airport


The journey time from Tikkurila Station to the airport is 8 minutes
Picture: The Finnish Transport Agency


Both terminals can be reached smoothly through a direct indoor route from the station.
Picture: Finnish Transport Agency


Daytime, I and P trains on the Ring Rail Line operate from Helsinki railway station every ten minutes and stop at all stations on the route.

  • The fastest travel time to the airport from Helsinki Central railwaystation is about half an hour. You can travel to the airport either via Huopalahti (32 minutes) or Tikkurila (27 minutes).
  • Long distance travellers from the north and east can transfer at the new Tikkurila Travel Centre from where they can reach the airport by train in 8 minutes.
  • Passengers arriving from the Turku direction transfer at Pasila, from where the travel time to the airport is 22 minutes.

Direct route from the Airport railway station to the flight terminals

You can use a direct indoor route to access the terminals from the airport station.

It is possible to buy tickets that are valid for the entire journey from the station of origin to the airport.

There are only two stations between Tikkurila and the Airport. The I and P trains stop at all stations on the route and they run in opposite directions on the ring rail line:

  • the I trains from Helsinki via Pasila to Tikkurila and the airport and back to Helsinki
  • the P trains from Helsinki via Huopalahti to the airport and from there via Tikkurila back to Helsinki.

Airport station

Lentoaseman asema

Picture: The Finnish Transport Agency

The Airport station is a tunnel station located 45 metres underground. The station is designed to be spacious and well-lit, so that flight passengers can move around the station as easily as possible.

At each end of the station there are three escalators and two large lifts that give access to two different exits.

At all new stations, the platform is 230 metres long. The Airport Station has one platform area with train tracks on both sides.


Getting to the airport 

The direct route from the railway station to the terminals has been opened to passengers and the 2 lifts and the escalator towards the terminals are in service.


The new Tikkurila Travel Centre was taken into use in January 2015. Since the completion of the Ring Rail Line, Tikkurila has become both a busier local transport station and a more important transfer station for passengers en route to the Airport.

Most long-distance trains on the Main Line, trains to and from Russia, and local trains for the Helsinki region will stop at Tikkurila. International rail connections between Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and St. Petersburg will improve as the Ring Rail Line is taken into use.

The Travel Centre offers passengers a pleasant environment for doing business and shopping. The station bridge over the rails will serve as a waiting area. The station level, which is on the third floor of the Travel Centre, will house a supermarket, numerous small businesses as well as restaurants and cafés.

Additional information about Tikkurila Travel Centre

Ring Line

The construction of the Ring Rail Line began in 2009 and the cost estimate for the project is about €770 million. The costs are shared among the Finnish Transport Agency, the City of Vantaa, and Finavia. The project also gets support from the EU.

The ring rail line has 18 kilometres of new track, 8 kilometres of which is in a tunnel. Five new stations were opened: Vehkala, Kivistö, Aviapolis, Airport and Leinelä. In addition, allocations have been made for three more stations: Petas, Viinikkala and Ruskeasanta.

Several new areas for housing, work, and recreation will be built along the Ring Rail Line. It also enables the development of business activities. New park-and-ride facilities will accommodate about 700 cars.

Further information on the ring rail line: Finnish Transport Agency website


Getting to the airport

The direct entrance between Helsinki Airport and the railway station is open. Both terminals are reachable by lifts or escalators.

Ring rail line

- a convenient transfer to long-distance trains on the Main Line.

  • travel time from Helsinki 30 min.
  • travel time from Tikkurila 8 min.
  • trains operate from Helsinki centre at 5-minute intervals
  • a short walk from the airport to the terminals

Ring Rail Line in a nutshell

  • The length of the line is 18 kilometres, 8 kilometres of which is in a tunnel
  • Five new stations (Kivistö, Aviapolis, Airport, Leinelä and Vehkala)
  • Allocations for three stations (Petas, Viinikkala and Ruskeasanta)
  • Rolling stock Sm5 low-floor trains, or Flirts. Train codes I and P.
  • Double-track line, top speed 120 km/h
  • Peak hour service at 10-minute intervals in both directions
  • The cost estimate for the project is € 770 M

Further information on the ring rail line: Finnish Transport Agency website