Train travel

It's easy and effortless to travel by train! This page introduces you to train travel on Helsinki region commuter services, Allegro and Tolstoi trains to Russia and on night trains and car-carrier trains between northern and southern Finland.

ALLEGRO® and Tolstoi to Russia

Allegro® takes you easily and cheaply in 3.5 hours from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. Tolstoi takes you in comfort on an overnight trip to Moscow.

Night train sleeping cars

In sleeping cars you travel in comfort over night between southern and northern Finland in modern double-deck cars or the single deck blue cars.

Car-carrier train to Lapland

Car-carrier trains take you in comfort on an overnight trip between southern and northern Finland. In the morning you arrive well rested and can continue to your destination feeling resfreshed.

Commuter trains in Helsinki region

In Helsinki region commuter services you travel in HSL area or in the commuter train area. Read more on the areas and tickets in the ABC of commuter services.

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Trains to Russia

Allegro takes you quickly and in comfort to St. Petersburg and Tolstoi takes you to Moscow. Please remember to get a visa well before the trip! You can also buy tickets easily from VR Online Shop.

Read more on the ABC of train travel to Russia