Train tickets at R-Kioski


You can buy the most popular tickets for domestic long-distance services, the most special offer tickets, as well as zone tickets for VR commuter services at R-kioski.

R-Kioskis can be found nearly everywhere in Finland. You can check the nearest locations for you on the R-Kioski website.


You can buy these tickets at R-Kioskis:

Long-distance services Commuter services
Single tickets: Basic tickets and Saver tickets Commuter area single tickets
Season tickets Season tickets
Multi-tickets (10 trips) Multi-tickets (10 trips)


When purchasing tickets from a station ticket office or R-kiosk, a €1 service surcharge added to the price of each long-distance train ticket.


Cancellations and changes

Single tickets for long-distance services sold and picked up at R-Kioskis can be cancelled at R-kioskis or railway stations.

Tickets sold at R-Kioskis may be changed, in accordance with the terms of tickets sales, only at station ticket offices or by VR Customer Care.

See conditions for changes and cancellation

Conditions for changes and cancellation vary according to ticket type.