Travel comfortably by train together with your group on conference and recreational journeys. It's easy to travel by train even with a larger group as everybody is in the same vehicle. During the journey you can move about, socialize with members of your group and drop in at the restaurant car together.
Book a group journey to get a substantial discount already with a small group. Bigger groups are invited to contact corporate sales for an offer.

Book a chartered wagon or train?

  • In Pendolino trains you can hold a meeting in a seven person conference compartment. Book the compartment for the duration of your journey.

  • If you have a bigger group you may want to book a compartment or a chartered wagon.

  • Really large groups might want to book a whole train to an event on a line of you choosing.


Travel with groups in DuettoPlus

You can book 4–6 seats around a table for your group on the upper deck of the new DuettoPlus car. A separate conference compartment is available for larger groups. The modern compartment allows 12 persons to travel in private while having a meeting or relaxing.

The compartment has a screen and audio-visual equipment. You may even want to reserve the entire upper deck for your group.


More information

For additional information and quotations call VR corporate and group sales at +358 (0) 600 19 955.

Avecra Ltd takes care of onboard catering. Please contact Avecra well before the journey to agree on catering arrangements during the journey.