All group enquiries for more than 10 persons can be made to Business and Group Sales,, by ringing 0600 19 955(€1.99 / answered call + local network charge) Mondays to Fridays from 8 to 17 or by using this form.

Group tickets are also sold in the travel agencies.

It is possible to buy a maximum of 10 individual train tickets at a time from the Online Shop, but the price will not include a group discount. Group enquires receive an offer individually tailored to their needs for their train trip.

Pensioner and school group enquiries can be made to Business and Group Sales,, by ringing 0307 23704 (M–F from 8 to17) or by using this form


Size of group

10 persons or more

Group price

The group price depends on the size of the group, the day of the journey and the chosen departure. You get more price information from the VR Business and Group Sales or travel agencies.

Travel class

Eco Class and Extra Class

Purchasing location

VR Corporate and Group Sales, tel. 0600 19 955 (€1.99 / answered call + local network charge) M–F from 8 to 17, or travel agencies.

Payment, changes and Cancellation

The terms and conditions of payment, chances and cancellation depend on the size of the group and the departure day. More information from the Business and Group Sales or travel agencies.


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Frequently asked questions

Can a 40 person group change a group ticket at a station ticket office?

A group ticket can generally be changed via VR Business and Group Sales, tel. 0600 19955 (EUR 1.99€ + local network charge / answered call), but also via VR Customer Care. 

If all group members will not travel how will I be refunded on the group ticket?

Cancellations on group tickets (groups with 6-20 passengers) must be made 7 days before the train's departure, at the latest. If only some group members cancel their trip, the cancellation charge is 20% on the price of the cancelled tickets. You cannot get a refund on group tickets after the trip.

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