Gift voucher

Make a friend or relative happy on a special day and give a VR Gift Voucher!

With a Gift Voucher, you can purchase train tickets and Train + Bus tickets from station ticket offices.

However, the selection of tickets sold at stations does not include all ticket types, such as some discount tickets. As a result, the Gift Voucher cannot be used when purchasing these types of tickets. You can check to see purchasing locations on the page for each ticket type.

  • The Gift Voucher is valid six months from the date of purchase.
  • You can also use the Gift Voucher to pay for ticket-related fees, such as luggage fees.
  • The Voucher may be used to buy tickets on multiple occasions.
  • If the Gift Voucher is not used entirely you will receive a new Voucher for the remaining amount.
  • Services provided by third parties such as HSL-tickets or new VR Gift Vouchers cannot be purchased with the Voucher.

Gift Vouchers can be purchased at VR station ticket offices