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Lahti will be full of life as the Lahti2017 World Championships fill the city. Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to travel to Lahti, making incoming and outgoing traffic busy. Ensure that your trip to the Lahti2017 Championships is an unforgettable experience – travel quickly and affordably by train.


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It's easy to travel by train to Lahti for the Centenary Championships from all over Finland. Travelling by train is environment-friendly, easy and comfortable. Your trip will go along speedily by admiring the views and it's easy to travel with the whole family. Ensure your spot at the Lahti2017 Championships and a carefree journey by purchasing the train tickets well in advance.

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Lahti2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

Over 70,000 visitors are expected to arrive to the historic Centenary Championships, from near and far, from Finland and abroad. The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2017 also gather hundreds of athletes from around the world – you can spectate their heroic feats either by sitting in the stands or standing by the tracks.


Lahti2017 Programme

The Lahti2017 World Ski Championships last nearly two weeks, from 22 February to 5 May 2017. All of the World Championships events and evening programme are listed below. Please note that changes to the programme are possible.

You can download a printer-friendly PDF version of the Championships schedule here


Welcome Wednesday 22.2.

14:00 CC Ladies 5 km Qualification
15:30 CC Men 10 km Qualification

Opening Ceremony


Epic Thursday 23.2.

08:30 Gates Open
12:30 Tango: Heidi Pakarinen & Karavaani
14:00 SJ Ladies Qualification HS100
15:00 CC Sprint Ladies & Men Qualification ( F )

16:15 Ti€napojat
17:30 CC Sprint Ladies & Men Finals ( F )
19:45 Ti€napojat (18+)


Ladies Friday 24.2.

08:30 Gates Open
10:30 NC Individual Competition HS100
13:30 NC 10 km Individual Gunderssen
14:30 SJ Men Qualification HS100

15:30 Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä Showband
17:30 SJ Ladies Competition HS100
19:30 Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä Showband (18+)
21:00 Antti Tuisku (18+)


Saturday Winter Carnival 25.2.

09:00 Gates Open
12:00 CC Ladies Skiathlon 7,5 + 7,5 km
13:15 Tango: Jukka Hallikainen & Jackpot
14:30 CC Men Skiathlon 15 + 15 km
16:30 Konsta Hietanen & Vox Undercover
17:30 SJ Men Competition HS100
19:30 Konsta Hietanen & Vox Undercover (18+)
20:30 Disco Inferno (18+)


Super Sunday 26.2.

09:00 Gates Open
11:30 CC Team Sprint Qualification ( C )
12:00 NC Team Competition HS100

13:00 LSC Panthers Cheerleaders
13:30 CC Team Sprint Finals ( C )
14:30 Tango: Aki Samuli & Fantasia
15:30 NC Team 4 x 5 km
17:30 SJ Mixed Team Competition HS100


Open Doors Monday 27.2.

No competitions


Tango Tuesday 28.2.

11:00 Gates Open
12:00 Tango: Kyösti Mäkimattila & Susanna Heikki
13:45 CC Ladies 10 km ( C )
15:15 Tango:& Teemu Roivainen, Marko Maunuksela, Jukka Hallikainen, Kyösti Mäkimattila & Susanna Heikki (18+ after 18:00)


Superman Wednesday 1.3.

10:00 Gates Open
12:00 NC Individual Competition HS130
13:45 CC Men 15 km ( C )
16:15 NC 10 km Individual Gunderssen

17:00 YleX After Ski (18+ after 18:00)
18:00 SJ Men Qualification HS130


Thursday of Stars 2.3.

12:00 Gates Open
12:30 LSC Panthers Cheerleaders
13:00 Brädi
15:00 CC Ladies Relay 4 x 5 km
16:30 Konsta Hietanen & Vox Undercover
18:30 SJ Men Competition HS130
20:30 Disco Inferno (18+)


Friday Night Fever 3.3.

10:30 Gates Open
13:30 CC Men Relay 4 x 10 km
16:00 NC Team Sprint HS130

16:45 Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä Showband
18:15 NC Team Sprint 2 x 7,5 km
19:30 Teatteri Eurooppa Neljä Showband (18+)
21:00 Jean S (18+)


Ledengary Saturday 4.3.

11:30 Gates Open
13:00 Tango: Heidi Pakarinen & Karavaani
14:30 CC Ladies 30 km ( F )
17:15 SJ Men Team Competition HS130

19:30 Ti€napojat (18+)
20:45 Lahti Party All Stars (18+)


King of Sundays 5.3.

11:30 Gates Open
12:30 Tango: Erika Vikman and Marco Lundberg & Taivaankaari
14:30 CC Men 50 km ( F )
Closing Ceremony


Lahti2017 – Skiing and fun!

Fun for the whole family

The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships makes for a perfect travel destination for the family's winter holiday. In the event area, children can join the adventure in Rolli’s Winterland, where they can enjoy competition events, sled sliding, outdoor screenings of Rolli and Secret of All Time movie and different activity workshops. The Finnish Science Centre Heureka’s Science Circus will perform in the warm inside facilities of the Festival Arena.

Read more about the Lahti2017 family programme here


Traditional Championships atmosphere in the forest spectator stand

Both younger and older spectators can indulge in the nostalgic atmosphere of the Grump’s forest spectator stand. In the forest spectator stand, you can enjoy the competition sitting by the camp fire and have a cup of traditional blueberry soup. The legendary reporter Anssi Kukkonen will commentate the competition in the forest stand. Those with the forest spectator stand ticket get a free copy of the Mielensäpahoittajan Hiihtokirja book (The Grump's Skiing Book).

Read more about the Grump's forest spectator stand here (in Finnish)


Finland’s best after-ski

The Lahti2017 World Championships’ magnificent programme includes much more than just sports legends and cheering in the stand. Dance music will be provided by the pop star Antti Tuisku, winner of the 2008 Tangomarkkinat Tango competition Jukka Hallikainen as well as the popular Finnish band, Jean S featuring the singer Essi Hellén, among other artists.

Read more about the Lahti2017 After Ski programme here


Come enjoy the historic event and cheer your favourite athletes to victory on the tracks and the hills!

Feel the Lahti2017 atmosphere at Helsinki railway station

Come and watch the Lahti2017 World Championships live at Helsinki railway station! You also have the chance to try on a VR headset and find out what it’s like to shoot down the large ski jumping hill in Lahti, or have a photo taken whilst enjoying the atmosphere.

Join us at the spectator event Thu–Fri, 23–24 February and Wed–Thu, 1–2 March from 13.00 to 18.00


Conveniently to the Centenary Championships by train

Travel to the Lahti World Ski Championships quickly with ease on a train – bring along your whole family!

On weekdays, 104 trains stop at the Lahti Railway Station and it’s only a 15-minute walk to the Championship centre.

Read more about Lahti2017

Visit the official Lahti2017 World Ski Championships page for additional information on the Centenary Championships