Families and children

When the children have fun, also the adults enjoy the journey. The InterCity trains operating long-distance services have a new spacious and safe playroom for children. The slide and the minilocomotive are much appreciated by the children. There are also children's books (published by Tammi) that you may read during the journey.

Inter-City trains

In InterCity trains you may choose to travel in a playroom car or in a family compartment on the lower floor of the InterCity service car.

  • The compartment has four regular seats and two stools for children.
  • There are two PC plugs in the compartment.
  • The lower level WC houses a babycare space with, e.g. a baby bottle heater.


In full swing in the playroom

The playroom is on the upper level of a double-deck car. The upper floor is entirely reserved for families. In the timetable playroom cars are indicated by a teddybear pictograph.

The spacious playroom invites the children

  • to drive a minilocomotive hauling passenger and freight cars;
  • to slide down the gentle slope with a safety handrail;
  • to become princesses and princes in a castle protected by a wall;
  • to read children's books published by Tammi.

From the station platform you easily discern the playroom car with its big Huckle Cat and Mole figures on the exterior walls. Inside, just follow Mole's footprints to the playroom.

In November 2006 in Cologne the renovated playroom received recognition in the Railway Interiors Expo. VR was in fact awarded the prize for the best innovation promoting travel comfort in trains.



The playroom makes the train journey a nice experience also for the children! Allegro features convenient space for prams and an accessible toilet with baby care equipment.


Have sweet dreams in a bunk bed in a night train

As a family you travel comfortably in a night train, as well. In the new doubledeck sleeping-cars you can book adjacent compartments on the lower floor that may be joined by opening the intermediate door. The new sleeping-cars are incorporated in the night express trains P265 and P274 between Helsinki and Kemijärvi.

The doubledeck sleeping-car compartments have a bunk bed, a radio, an alarm-clock and a pc plug. You can listen to the radio by using your own earphones or watch a movie on your own computer.


Enjoy delicious food and sweets in the restaurant-car

The InterCity trains have a restaurant-car serving meals, refreshments and snacks. In most InterCity trains a minibar trolley moves through the train offering refreshments, hot drinks and snacks.

On the web pages of Avecra Oy you can check the range of products on sale in the InterCity restaurant-cars and in the minibar trolleys of InterCity trains. You should also get acquainted with Ilpo Ilves, the children's best travel companion.


Children enjoying the company of Risto, Mole and Huckle Cat

The figures travelling in the playroom are Risto Räppääjä, the little Mole and Huckle Cat.

Special children's tickets with Risto, the Little Mole, Purdy & Barker, the Moomins, Siri and the Giant Guinea Pig are distributed by the train conductors to the smallest travellers. You can collect the entire series.


Allegro™ is a registered trademark.

Travel affordably as a family

Travelling by train as a family is affordable as children get a discount for tickets on commuter trains as well as in long-distance traffic.

Children travelling alone

Minors travelling alone by train are at the responsibility of the parents.

The conductor does not have an obligation to look after the children during the journey.