Exploring Europe by train with Interrail

Interrail is your best option if you want to see a lot at an inexpensive price. You yourself decide where you go and when you go. Explore Europe easily by train with Interrail!

It is better to figure out beforehand what you are really interested in and what you actually want to see. Maps and travel guides are a great aid to avoid passing such places of interest that you absolutely would have liked to visit. Regretting things is unpleasant. Careful planning also contributes to more relaxed, easier and more fruitful travel. Furthermore planning beforehand at home is fun: no shivering in the rain waiting for a train at a station platform.

The best time to set out is early summer as July-August are high-season holiday months in Central Europe. Contact your friends in Europe; it is less expensive and more fun to stay overnight at a friend's who has all the insight information and enables you to get to know the real life of people.

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