Employment-subsidized commuter ticket

An employer-subsidized commuter ticket is a public transport ticket paid in part by the employer. The employer and employee agree on how the costs of the ticket given as an employee benefit are split. The introduction of the employer-subsidized ticket is decided by the employer.

The ticket is meant mainly for travel between home and work place. There are no limitations concerning the amount of travel or the time of day.

Employer-subsidized ticket purchasing methods:

  • The employer buys the season pass for the employee.
  • The employer buys VR commuter vouchers which the employee uses to pay for part of the ticket.

Buy employer-subsidized commuter tickets from VR station ticket offices.

The VR employer-subsidized ticket

  • Sold as a season ticket for a period chosen by the customer
  • Entitles to unlimited travel on the route and train type stated on the ticket
  • Non-transferable Eco Class ticket
  • Sold for long-distance services

Employer-subsidized ticket in HSL area

A HSL employer-subsidized ticket is a season ticket loaded on the personal Travel Card and is valid in the HSL area (Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Vantaa). Alternatively, you can load value on the Travel Card are use it to pay for a value ticket valid in HSL area.

  • Buy at VR stations in HSL area
  • HSL area Travel Card can be loaded with 14-365 day periods
  • HSL vouchers may be used as payment