The new era of service at the DuettoPlus restaurant car

Whether you are travelling on your own or in a group, you can add travel comfort to Basic and Saver tickets with additional DuettoPlus services. In the DuettoPlus car, you can have a meal in the restaurant, grab a snack from the kiosk or read the daily newspapers at your leisure in the compartment on the upper deck.


New alternatives for group travel

On the upper deck, you can book 4–6 seats around a table for your group. A separate conference compartment is available for larger groups. The modern compartment allows 12 persons to travel in private in total comfort while having a meeting or relaxing.

You can pre-order meals, warm appetizers or coffee and pastries for your group in advance. The compartment has a screen and audio-visual equipment. You may even want to reserve the entire upper deck for your group. For more information and a quote please call 0600 19955 (€1.99 + local network charge per answered call) or email


Travel at your leisure in a single seat

The car's upper deck also has Single seats which can be adjusted to several positions. This means you can always travel facing the direction of travel. You can also turn your seat to face the panorama windows and enjoy the travel atmosphere they create.


Delicacies in the restaurant

The Duetto restaurant car is a double-decker and the entire car is a licensed area. The products are on sale downstairs where you can also sit down and enjoy a meal or a refreshing coffee or glass of wine. If you have purchased a seat on the upper deck of the Duetto car, you can also take the meal and beverages you have bought there. Apart from alcoholic beverages, you can take the products bought from the restaurant car to your seat in the passenger compartment.  

On-board restaurant services on Avecra’s website


Read more about the DuettoPlus car!

You can also read about the services of the DuettoPlus car in the passenger car album. The floor plan will tell you where the services are located in the car.

Passenger car album

The green DuettoPlus

Environmental issues are naturally well taken into consideration in the restaurant. Waste recycling is done in the kitchen and in the customer area with mixed, bio and combustible waste. The restaurant uses porcelain dinnerware and take-away mugs are biodegradable. The car lighting uses led technology.