Corporate Cooperation Agreement

New Cooperation Agreements between VR and companies are in use.

The Cooperation Agreement will contain details of benefits to the company, the purchasing and service channels employed, payment solutions and a model for cooperation.

You will be able to book and pay for train journeys specially priced in accordance with the agreement from the Corporate Online, rail ticket vending machines, national corporate telephone sales or your travel agent. No benefits are available if products are bought on board the train or from an R-kiosk.

The Cooperation Agreement offers discounts on all VR long-distance and Finland-Russia services. Discounts can also be had on multitickets and season tickets and the new inexpensive rail tickets purchased in advance. Discounts do not apply to group tickets, special offers, CarTrain seats, or local or commuter rail tickets in the HSL area (covering Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava and Kirkkonummi).

Please ensure that all your company employees are aware of the new system and agreement identifier.

Corporate Online

VR recommends companies to reserve train journeys using the free, internet-based sales application.
Corporate customers will be able to use the Corporate Online to purchase all long-distance rail tickets within Finland, make multi-ticket seat reservations, and book all rail tickets on the Finland-Russia service. Corporate group travel arrangements will continue to be dealt with by VR’s specialist team.
When you use the Corporate Online, you will receive an invoice for purchases made, or you can pay by chip and pin credit card. The company itself specifies who can book trips, and the company also attends to the matter of user IDs.

There has to be a Cooperation Agreement in place between a company and VR before the Corporate Online can be used.

If you are interested in the new VR Cooperation Agreement, complete and send off the form or contact your VR liaison officer.

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