VR and cookie practices


We use cookies to improve the user experience on this website. Cookies are text files that are saved in the browser. For instance, they make it possible for us to remember your language settings, offer content personalised according to your interests and show relevant advertising.

Cookies do not harm your devices or spread malware. By accepting all cookies, you can ensure the best possible user experience on our website. You can change your cookie settings whenever you like in the cookie settings of this page. You can also clear the cookie history through the cookie settings of your browser.

What kind of cookies do we use?

Functional cookies

These are automatically activated cookies that our website needs for a good and safe user experience. Functional cookies are always enabled and are indispensable for ensuring that the vr.fi website functions well. They cannot be disabled.

Statistical cookies

The purpose of statistical cookies is to provide us with data that we can use as a basis for improving our website’s usability and customer experience. These cookies give us data on the extent to which our services are used, the manner in which they are used and the issues that service development should pay attention to.

For instance, we use the Google Analytics and Hotjar services that utilise statistical cookies. The data we analyse is always compiled data and we do not store personal data on the website usage.

Cookies used for content targeting

These cookies help us target content and offers to you depending on how you have used the vr.fi website. They enable us to offer customised content, such as additional information about travelling or targeted advertisements. In this, we use personalisation tools, such as the Google Optimize service.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies help us and our trusted partners place targeted advertising on the websites of companies that participate in marketing cooperation. These cookies are mainly set by advertising environment providers (such as Facebook and Google).

With marketing cookies, we can enrich the data used in the targeting of marketing activities with data we have received from third parties. This enables us to target perks and marketing more closely according to your needs. In targeted advertising, we use Google’s and Facebook’s advertising and monitoring services, for instance.

Cookie storage period

  • Functional cookies are stored for the duration of the online session.

  • Other cookies are stored, depending on their purpose, for 2–4 years or until you remove them.