As a conscript, you are eligible to travel on long-distance trains without a separate ticket, provided that your are wearing an Army Class A (furlough) uniform and carrying a conscript card bearing the VR logo. Otherwise, you will receive a discount of 30%* for long-distance travel. As a conscript, you are eligible for a 50% discount on all local travel within the Helsinki region.


Long-distance trains

When travelling in a Defence Forces furlough uniform, the conscript card bearing the VR logo serves as a ticket on long-distance trains. The conductor will inspect your card as with other tickets. On long-distance trains, conscripts travel in Eco Class in non-reserved seats. You cannot reserve seats with just a conscript card.

If you wish to travel with more comfort, you can make a seat reservation on long distance trains with seat reservation option. As a conscript, you are eligible to make a seat reservation and travel in Eco Class, provided that you are wearing an Army Class A (furlough) uniform and carrying a conscript card bearing the VR logo and you have made the reservation as a registered Veturi-member. You can make a reservation via VR Mobile or over the internet

Your seat reservation confirmation will act as a ticket on long-distance trains. The conductor will inspect your ticket and your conscript card.

If your travel plans change, remember to cancel your seat reservation! You can make a cancelation by calling to our customer service 0800 166888 (cost free number, open Mon to Sun from 7am to 10pm) or at the ticket office.

In order to make a seat reservation free off charge, you need to be registered as a Veturi-member and you need to activate the ID card identification.

This does not apply to Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and VR commuter trains. 

You may travel without wearing your furlough uniform on long-distance trains with a 30% discount off the Basic fares. You must present your conscript card in order to receive the discount. Discounts vary from train to train. You can purchase discounted tickets on the VR Online Shop, service stations, ticket vending machines, R-kioski convenience stores, travel agents and conductors.

*Please note. The price of the Basic ticket for long-distance trains after the deduction of the conscript discount will be rounded up to the next whole euro.

Travel orders

The paper travel orders for the Finnish Defence Forces are currently unchanged, until further notice. The conscripts' travel orders are as follows:

  • The call-up order
  • A call to voluntary exercises
  • A call to a test, aptitude test or crisis management training
  • An order to a training event of the reserves led by the Finnish Defence Forces
  • A mobilization order or other order by the Finnish Defnce Forces
  • A military passport on the day of the end of military service

The passenger must present proof of right to travel on the train. Identification must be presented upon request in addition to the proof of travel right. The travel right entitles the passenger to travel on long-distance trains (not HSL or VR Commuter services) in Eco Class without a seat reservation. 

Travelling on local trains

You are eligible for discounted travel on local trains in the Helsinki region. The conscript discount for local trains is 50%. A valid conscript or non-military service card must be presented to the conductor when tickets are inspected. The minimum fee for local trains is 2.60 euros.

  • Conscripts are given a discount on commuter train tickets (does not apply to HSL Area tickets).
  • Discount tickets may not be purchased from 11:00pm-4:00am during night services, but discount tickets purchased in advance will be accepted.
  • The ticket is accepted on local trains, not long-distance trains.
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