Information on connections from the train to your travel destination is accessible on e.g. the station information pages and route planning services.

At some stations you can continue to your destination by TrainBuses which run according to timetables fitting together with train timetables.

Buy train and bus tickets at the same time

On TrainBuses there is just one ticket for the train and bus journeys. You can buy them together and get discount of the price.


When you continue your journey by bus in Uusimaa region (Helsinki-Veikkola-Nummela-Lohja-Verkkala or Helsinki-Porvoo-Loviisa) you can now travel with one ticket on trains and Pohjolan Liikenne Duo buses.


When you continue your journey with Pohjolan Liikenne area bus (Kotka, Imatra, Savonlinna), choose Train + Bus.

Train + Bus

Connections to airports

Connections to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport:

Connections at Tikkurila railway station 

Connections from Helsinki centre


Connections to Tampere-Pirkkala Airport:

Tampere railway station has a bus connection (Tokeen liikenne) to Tampere-Pirkkala airport for Ryanair passengers. There is also a taxi and Express taxi service, and from Pyynikintori and Keskustori there are buses running to the airport.

Connection services at Tampere railway station


Connections to harbours

Connections to harbours from Helsinki railway station 

Connections at stations, parking and taxis

You can see the connections of the stations on the station pages.

Route planning service allows you to search for train services and local connecting services at the same time. The service includes in addition to train services local transport connections for 21 cities.