Confederations Cup 2017 in St. Petersburg – travel visa-free on the Allegro-train!

The 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup takes place from 17 June to 2 July 2017 in Russia. The easiest way to travel to St Petersburg to see the tournament matches is by the Allegro train from Helsinki, in under 3,5 hours. Football fans get to travel to Russia without a visa and thus save almost 80€ in visa fees. Come and see which teams champion their way to victory and enjoy the international atmosphere!


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Enjoy the tournaments in St Petersburg visa-free whilst enjoying the Helsinki Summer

Helsinki is at its best during the summer time. Why not avoid St Petersburg’s congested airport traffic and high hotel costs by staying in Helsinki! From Helsinki you can travel to St Petersburg visa free by train to experience the most exciting tournaments. Helsinki’s Central Railway Station is located at the heart of Helsinki City Centre, which is full of hotels and restaurants. You get from the Helsinki Airport to the Helsinki’s Central Railway Station easily with the Ring Rail Line trains.

When traveling to St Petersburg from Helsinki, the Allegro train takes you there in less than 3,5 hours. Allegro train stops in St Petersburg’s Finnish Station (Finljandskii vokzal), which is located 10 km/6,2 miles from the Krestovsky Stadion (Zenit Arena) where the tournaments take place.

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FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 Match Schedule

The prelude to the 206pm FIFA World Cup, Confederations Cup, are held from 17 June to 2 July 2017 in four Russian cities: Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, and Sochi. Qualified teams for the tournament are Germany, Portugal, Chile, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Cameroon, and Russia. You can also check the match schedule from FIFA’s website.

Group matches

Saturday 17 June, Saint Petersburg at 6pm: Russia vs. New Zealand
Sunday 18 June, Kazan at 6pm: Portugal vs. Mexico.
Sunday 18 June, Moscow at 9pm: Cameroon vs. Chile
Monday 19 June, Sochi at 6pm: Australia vs. Germany
Wednesday 21 June, Moscow at 6pm: Russia vs. Portugal
Wednesday 21 June, Sochi at 9pm: Mexico vs. New Zealand
Thursday 22 June, Saint Petersburg at 6pm: Cameroon vs. Australia
Thursday 22 June, Kazan at 9pm: Germany vs. Chile
Saturday 24 June, Kazan at 6pm: Mexico vs. Russia
Saturday 24 June, Saint Petersburg at 6pm: New Zealand vs. Portugal
Sunday 25 June, Moscow at 6pm: Chile vs. Australia
Sunday 25 June, Sochi at 6pm: Germany vs. Cameroon


Wednesday 28 June, Kazan at 9pm
Thursday 29 June, Sochi at 9pm

3rd Place and Final

Sunday 2 July, Moscow at 3pm, 3rd place
Sunday 2 July, Saint Petersburg at 9pm, Final

Remember to check the match timetables also from FIFA's website. VR is not responsible for timetable changes.


Important information about the visa-free traveling to the Confederations Cup

In order to attend the matches of the Confederations Cup, you must obtain a personalized Fan ID, after purchasing your tournament ticket. The Fan ID system is much like the one during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Your tournament ticket and Fan ID entitle you to travel visa free during the Confederations Cup.

N.B: An electronic Fan ID with your tournament ticket entitle you to cross the border only 72 hours before the first match. A physical Fan ID and tournament ticket allow you to cross the border 10 days before the first match.

Please see Fan ID page for specific information


Travel for free in Russia as a FIFA spectator

After purchasing the FIFA tournament ticket and obtaining your personal Fan ID, you can travel for free in Russia's additional spectator trains between tournament cities. The additional train shifts match the tournament's schedule. Please note that you can book train tickets for the additional spectator trains only after you've purchased your FIFA Confederations Cup ticket and obtained your Fan ID.

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Purchase tickets and register for the Fan ID with ease!

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Allegro has four departures per day from Helsinki and St. Petersburg. The train offers an easy way to travel east and the journey onboard is fast and flexible. We have put together some tips for travelling to St. Petersburg.

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