Commuter season ticket

The commuter services season ticket enables inexpensive transport when you travel the same route regularly.
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Buy a season ticket for a specific time period and route and travel as much as you like.

When travelling with a season ticket you must prove your identity with an official identity card.

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Ticket terms and conditions


You get a discount depending on the duration of the travelling period and the length of the route.


You can choose a duration of 14–365 days, including the first and the last day of validity. The ticket can be purchased 60 days prior to the first day of validity at the earliest.

Purchasing locations

You can purchase season tickets online, at a station’s ticket offices, from R-Kiosks, by phone from VR Customer Care or from retailers.

Season tickets are available at Further information at


Season tickets are paid when booking.

How to get the tickets

The tickets can be picked up from a station, they can be printed, delivered as an email attachment or as a text message ticket on your phone.

A ticket bought at is delivered to the application’s ticket folder or to your email and a multi-ticket’s single journeys must always be activated prior to boarding the train. Further information at

Changes and cancellations

Season tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.

If the tickets are purchased for a minimum of 180 days one break can be included in the period of validity. The maximum duration for the break is one month (31 days) and there must be a minimum of 14 days of validity left after it. The break can be initiated at station ticket offices and VR Customer Care.


Travelling from the commuter region to the Ring Rail Line or Coast Line?

Remember to transfer at the correct station when travelling from the commuter region to the Ring Rail Line or Coast Line.

Check where to transfer trains from the commuter region maps

Train tickets easily at R-Kioski

You can buy the most popular tickets for domestic long-distance services, the most special offer tickets, as well as commuter train tickets for VR commuter services at R-kioski.

More information

Refunds on commuter area season tickets

You are entitled to a refund as a Helsinki region season ticket holder if rail services experience major delays or are cancelled.

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