Commuter multi-tickets

Travel inexpensively and easily with the 10-journey commuter multi-ticket on the route of your choice.


The redesigned commuter multi-tickets are now available in the VR Commuter mobile application and at the online shop, which is to be redesigned, as well. Further information at


Commuter multi-tickets bought from a VR ticket machine, at a station, from VR Customer Care or an R-Kiosk will remain unchanged and cannot be used in the VR Commuter mobile application or on


The multi-ticket is transferable: several persons may use the ticket. The ticket is validated at the start of the journey in the train's vestibule according to the number of passengers using the ticket.

You can buy multi-tickets for 10 single journeys for commuter trains in the zones of your choice. You can travel in both directions with the ticket on the route stated on the ticket.


Ticket terms and conditions


A 20 % discount on a single ticket with a 10 journey multi-ticket


Check multi-ticket prices for the route of your choice from the VR Online Shop.


Children, students, pensioners


Multi-tickets can be purchased online, at a station’s ticket offices, from ticket machines, from R-Kiosks, by phone from VR Customer Care or from retailers. You can also book a ticket from VR Customer Care and purchase it at a station, from a ticket machine or from an R-Kiosk.

NEW: multi-tickets are now available in the VR Commuter mobile application and at Further information at

How to pay

Multi-tickets are paid when booking.


Multi-tickets are valid for 4 months. Not valid on long-distance trains.

Note that, the validity period starts on the date of purchase, as you buy the multi-ticket from or with the VR Commuter mobile application.

How to get the tickets

Pick-up at a station or from a ticket machine.

A ticket bought with the VR Commuter mobile application or at is delivered to the application’s ticket folder or to your email and a multi-ticket’s single journeys must always be activated prior to boarding the train. Further information at

Changes and cancellations

Multi-tickets cannot be changed or cancelled. A single journey in a multi-ticket cannot be changed or cancelled.

* Multi-tickets purchased before 14/12/2016 will be valid in the zones concerned until the end of their period of validity


Add students, children, seniors...

Zones removed from tickets from 14 December 2016

In the future, single commuter train service tickets will indicate the departure and destination station and will be valid for two hours for the one way route selected. The old zones will remain for single tickets purchased on the train for the time being.

You may use commuter service multi and season tickets purchased before 14 December 2016 for travel in the zone areas marked on the ticket until the end of its validity period.

Travelling from the commuter region to the Ring Rail Line or Coast Line?

Remember to transfer at the correct station when travelling from the commuter region to the Ring Rail Line or Coast Line.

Check where to transfer trains from the commuter region maps

Train tickets easily at R-Kioski

You can buy the most popular tickets for domestic long-distance services, the most special offer tickets, as well as commuter train tickets for VR commuter services at R-kioski.

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