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Starting this summer, conductors will be focusing more on ensuring travel comfort both on board trains and on platforms. At the same time, ticket sales on commuter trains will end. The easiest ways to by a ticket are the VR Commuter application and, regardless of when and where you are.
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On-board staff is there for you

As from Monday, 19 June 2017, tickets will no longer be sold on any HSL trains or VR’s commuter trains. In future, you are required to have a ticket before you board the train. Our conductors continue to travel on board with you, and you will find them on board the train and on platforms. They will advise, help and guide you just like they have done before and may also inspect your ticket. Conductors will in future be moving in pairs and there will always be a conductor on board night-trains. The train drivers will keep you up-to-date with the progress of the journey.


Our on-board staff have the right to remove passengers travelling without a ticket from the train. The ticket inspector will charge anyone travelling without an appropriate ticket an inspection fee and the price of the ticket. The inspection fee is €80.


Osta junalippu etukäteen mobiilista


VR Commuter application provides the fastest and easiest way to buy a ticket

You can by commuter tickets conveniently from your mobile device using the VR Commuter application and online from The easiest and fastest way to do it is to log in using your Veturi ID. You only need to log in once, and after that you can buy your ticket with a few clicks. There is no need to re-enter, for example, your bank or credit card details. The VR Commuter application will remember your favourite routes and your tickets will be stored in My information.


You can also buy your ticket conveniently from ticket machines, R-Kioski or railway stations.


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The commuter services area is extended

In addition to the ease of travelling and punctuality, good connections play an important role in commuter traffic. As from 19 June, the commuter services area of R trains will be extended to Tampere.


The new stations for commuter services are: Hämeenlinna, Iittala, Lempäälä, Parola, Ryttylä, Tampere, Toijala, Turenki and Viiala.


In future, G trains will be operating between Riihimäki and Lahti. Although the commuter services area is extended to Tampere, only some of the R trains will run all the way to Tampere as commuter trains.


The regional trains from Riihimäki to Tampere will become commuter trains.


commuter traffic map
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Commuter services is part of VR Passenger Services and is responsible for commuter train services in the Helsinki region (HSL area) and from Helsinki to Lahti, Tampere (as from 19 June) and Siuntio (VR commuter services area). Every year, a total of about 70 million passengers use commuter trains and every day, about 800 commuter trains operate in Helsinki. More than 600 professionals work in commuter services and the annual net sales is about 100 million euros.

Travel easily with you Veturi username

Did you know that you can purchase your commuter tickets with ease from the new VR Commuter application. Your Veturi username remembers your favourite routes!

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